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Kapoor can remove Vastu defects and negativity of the house, know how!

Camphor is used in homes during worship. But this camphor is capable of removing all the troubles of your life. Learn about the methods of using it here.

Camphor Remedies

You must have seen people using camphor during the worship recitation and you must have burnt camphor yourself many times. In Hinduism, camphor is used in most religious rituals, aarti and in Havan. That’s why camphor is found in every house. But do you know that camphor can also eliminate the Vastu defects of your house? Know here about the benefits of Kapoor which people are unaware of.

If there is a Vastu defect in the house, then many problems arise. To overcome these problems, Vastu Dosh Redressal is very important. For this, keep 1-1 camphor tikkis in the corners of all the rooms of your house. But don’t burn them. When this tikki gets over, you have to put new tikkis again. In this way, there will be no effect of Vastu Dosh in your house.

removes negativity

It is said that if camphor is burnt daily in the house, then the negativity of the house goes away. The smoke emanating from it destroys the surrounding negativity and converts it into positive energy. This brings happiness, prosperity, happiness and peace in the house.

solves marital problems

If there is any problem in your married life then you must light a camphor tikki in your bedroom daily. It is more effective to burn it in a silver or brass bowl.

to solve the economic crisis

If the financial problems do not end in your house, then you should regularly burn two cloves with camphor. If you burn it in a silver bowl, then it is considered even better. On the other hand, burning camphor with desi ghee ends the family’s tribulation.

for good luck

Even if all your works keep getting done, luck does not favor you, even then Kapoor can do wonders in your life. In such a situation, put a few drops of camphor oil in the water before bathing or take a bath after adding camphor. This will bring a lot of change in your life.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)

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