Jharkhand: Weapons of American Army found with Naxalites of Latehar, police concern increased

Jharkhand: लातेहार के नक्सलियों के पास मिले अमेरिकन आर्मी के हथियार, पुलिस की चिंता बढ़ी

Foreign weapons found from Latehar’s Naxalites (symbolic photo)

During the search operation in Latehar district of Jharkhand, weapons were found near the naxals, which were also used by the American Army. Since then the concern of the police has increased. Recently, there was an encounter between JJMP militant organization and Jharkhand Jaguar in Salaya forest of Sadar police station area of ​​Latehar district.

In this incident, Rajesh Kumar, assistant commandant of Jharkhand Jaguar was martyred, besides a militant commander of JJMP was killed. During the search operation carried out after the encounter, the body of the Naxalite was recovered. Apart from this, 7 other rifles including one AK-47 have been recovered.

Foreign weapons found near Naxalites

During the search operation, the police have recovered eight weapons of Naxalites. It is being told that two of these weapons were the American Spring Field Rifle, which was once used by the American Army. The type of weapons recovered by the security forces from the spot during the search operation, it is also coming to the fore that foreign weapons are being supplied to the Naxalites of Jharkhand.

NIA will investigate the matter

This is not the first case when the police have got foreign weapons from the Naxalites. Even before this, foreign weapons have been recovered from the Naxalites. The NIA is probing the supply of foreign arms to the Naxalites-extremists. Now the investigation of how foreign weapons reached the JJMP will also be investigated. The NIA will find out how the American Springfield rifle reached the militants of Latehar. Earlier, a Made in England Spring rifle was recovered from Maoist Ajay Yadav of Chatra district.

Pakistani cartridges have been found from Simdega

Earlier, talking about the recovery of foreign weapons from the Naxalites of Jharkhand, the American grenade launcher brought for PLFI supremo Dinesh Gop was recovered in Ranchi. At that time it was told that this weapon is used by the army of Pakistan and Myanmar. Earlier, Pakistani cartridges have been recovered from Simdega. While American rifles were recovered in Hazaribagh.

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