Jharkhand News: Villagers made fun of girlfriend’s length, then eccentric lover killed girlfriend

Jharkhand News: ग्रामीणों ने प्रेमिका की लंबाई को लेकर उड़ाया मजाक तो सनकी प्रेमी ने प्रेमिका की कर दी हत्या

Boyfriend kills girlfriend (symbolic picture)

A case of a lover killing his girlfriend has come to light in Khunti district of Jharkhand. The matter is of Tupudana police station area of ​​Khunti district. The reason that has come to the fore regarding this massacre is also surprising. Actually the length of the girlfriend was short, due to which the people of the village used to make fun of the lover Ajit’s car. Because of this, Ajik’s car was very angry. Then lover Ajit Gadi killed his girlfriend by slitting her throat in Neyaldih forest.

killer lover arrested

After the murder, Ajit threw the body in the bushes for the purpose of hiding it. After this the police investigated the matter and arrested lover Ajit Gadi. Along with this, the ax used in the murder and the mobile of the accused have been recovered. SDPO Amit Kumar gave this information to the journalists.

Villagers used to make fun of him because of his short length

Ajit Gadi and Anjali Tirkey (20 years), residents of Dundu Darhatoli of Tupudana police station area, were residents of the same village. The two had a love affair for the last three years. Both also wanted to get married. But Anjali’s length was much less than Ajit. With which the villagers used to make fun of Ajit. Ajit was upset as villagers repeatedly questioned Anjali’s length. To overcome this, Ajit conspired to get his girlfriend out of the way.

murdered and hid the dead body in the bushes

Then on October 4, on the pretext of moving Anjali, she had taken her towards the Neyaldih forest of Khunti police station area on foot. He took Anjali to the Neyaldih forest of Khunti police station area on foot with him saying that he would go out somewhere. Anjali had also taken clothes with her but Ajit promised to buy her new clothes and burnt all her clothes. Seeing a deserted place in the Neyaldih forest, Ajit killed his girlfriend Anjali by slitting her throat with an ax and hid the body in the bushes.

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