Jharkhand News: ‘Thumka’ went on overnight in Dumka during the opening ceremony of the hotel, after the video went viral, 50 people including the hotel owner were booked

Jharkhand News: होटल के उद्घाटन समारोह में दुमका में रात भर चला ‘ठुमका’, वीडियो वायरल होने के बाद होटल मालिक समेत 50 लोगों पर मामला दर्ज

Dumka Mame Dance Video Virus

Celebrating the inauguration ceremony of a hotel in Dumka district of Jharkhand became costly for the owner. Along with this, it also became a problem for those people who were present in the hotel opening ceremony party even at night. This matter came to light when a video related to it went viral. After the video went viral, the police swung into action and 50 people including the hotel owner have been booked. The investigation of the Philhas case is going on.

The event took place on 19 September

Let us tell you that on September 19, a hotel named Hotel Heritage was started in Dumka. A dance program was organized to mark its opening ceremony. Bar girls were called for dance. The party continued throughout the night and people kept on dancing. The matter came to light when a video related to this ceremony went viral. After this the police swung into action. A team was formed to investigate the viral video. Investigation revealed that this video is from during the opening ceremony of Hotel Heritage. After that the police took action and registered a case against 40 to 50 unidentified persons including the owner of the hotel at Dumka Nagar police station.

Corona guidelines violated

It was also revealed in the investigation that the girls were called three times from West Bengal. On this occasion, there was a fierce dance on Bhojpuri songs in the hotel overnight. Then someone made the video of the program viral. It is worth noting that this hotel is only a few meters away from the IG residence. In such a situation, the police also became a race and immediately a team was formed and got involved in the investigation. Let us tell you that under the corona guidelines of the state government, it is forbidden to do such a program late at night, so this program was done without anyone’s permission.

case registered in city police station

According to AVP News, this program was organized without anyone’s permission. SDPO Noor Mustafa said that Junior Engineer cum Magistrate Sone Lal Marandi has registered a case against the owner of the heritage hotel and 50 people involved in the program at the city police station. This has been completely violated the rules of Corona.

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