Jharkhand News: Naxalite organization PLFI had sought extortion of Rs 2 crore, hardcore Maoist Ajit Kumar Singh arrested

Jharkhand News: नक्सली संगठन PLFI ने मांगी थी 2 करोड़ रुपए की रंगदारी, हार्डकोर माओवादी अजीत कुमार सिंह हुआ गिरफ्तार

File photo: Hardcore militant of PLFI Ajit Kumar Singh and Jharkhand Police.

Jharkhand (Jharkhand) Capital of Ranchi (RanchiAn extortion of Rs 2 crore from a big businessman living in the Kotwali area of ​​) was demanded at the behest of Dinesh Gope, the supremo of the extremist organization PLFI. In this case Ranchi Police (Ranchi Police) took action close to Dinesh Gope PLFI Hardcore militant Ajit Kumar Singh has been arrested from Khunti. On Tuesday, Ranchi Police has arrested the infamous militant who demanded extortion from the businessman residing in the Kotwali police station area. The arrested militant’s name is Ajit Kumar Singh and he is a resident of Pichkora village of Jariagarh police station area of ​​Khunti district.

After the matter came to light, Ranchi SSP Surendra Kumar Jha had formed a special team, which included SSP’s QRT and Kotwali police station in-charge Shailesh Kumar. When the technical team started investigating the matter, it became clear on the very first day that the extortion was sought by the extremist organization PLFI itself. When the special team investigated the matter till the bottom, it came to know that the location of the phone from which the extortion has been sought is in Khunti district. With the help of the technical cell, the police caught Ajit from the peg. Along with this, the mobile from which he had asked for extortion was also recovered.

PLFI supremo Dinesh Gop has formed a team for extortion

During interrogation, Ajit has told that PLFI supremo Dinesh Gop has formed a team of 3 people to demand extortion. These teams do recce in the capital and other cities and identify those people who have a lot of money. After that, things related to demand of extortion are sent by Dinesh Gop in the letter pad, which the team members send to different businessmen and demand money through virtual medium. Manish Kumar, an employee of the businessman, lodged an FIR in the Kotwali police station of Ranchi. Was done According to Manish Kumar, he works in Ranchi’s big businessman Jalan. Businessmen are very busy, so they only receive their phones.

2 crore was demanded within 8 days

Meanwhile, on September 18, a threatening message came on the mobile phone which was in the form of a letter pad. A threat was made on the letter pad in the name of Dinesh Gop, in which it was said that Rs 2 crore should be deposited with the organization within eight days, otherwise be ready to face the consequences. The police has become very alert. The police is now taking action against the extremists and criminals seeking extortion. Two days ago, the police arrested a special henchman of gangster Sujit and disclosed the extortion scandals sought in Argora and Pandara areas.

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