Jharkhand News: Darshan will have to be done according to the guidelines issued for Durga Puja, otherwise there will be legal action

Jharkhand News: दुर्गा पूजा के लिए जारी गाइडलाइंस के अनुसार की करना होगा दर्शन, वरना होगी कानूनी कार्रवाई

Corona guideline issued for worship pandal (indicative picture)

From today in all the districts of Jharkhand including the capital Ranchi, the doors of the puja pandals have been opened for the visitors. However, this time the audience will have to enjoy the worship amidst the Corona guidelines. The government has issued guidelines related to Corona. The spectators and worship committees going to the pandal will have to follow the guidelines. The administration has ordered the officials to ensure that the corona guidelines are not violated at any place. Legal action will be taken against those who disobey the orders of the Puja pandal administration as per the provisions of Section 51 to 60 of the Disaster Management Act and also under Section 188 of the IPC.

Guidelines related to Durga Puja

  • Durga Puja will be organized in small puja pandals or pavilions only.
  • No decoration of any kind is allowed around the puja pandal or mandap.
  • It is not allowed to set up any kind of food stall around the puja pandal.
  • The worship pandal should be constructed in such a way that it is surrounded from all sides. It is covered from three sides so that spectators do not enter it.
  • Devotees will be able to see the mother from near the barricade outside the pandal.
  • No telecast of tape/audio/digital recording will be done.
  • No road will be blocked for the construction of the pandal. So that people do not suffer.
  • No community banquet/prasad or bhog distribution function will be organized by the worship committees. But, home delivery of Prasad can be done.
  • There will be no function/programme for the inauguration of the pandal/mandap.
  • Invitation will not be issued in any way by the worship committees.
  • Not more than 25 persons should be present in the pandal at a time.
  • All worship committees shall ensure that their members/priests/volunteers have got at least one dose of anti-coronavirus vaccine.
  • Those below the age of 18 years will not be allowed to enter the pandal/mandap.
  • There will be no immersion procession, immersion will take place at the places marked by the administration.
  • The program of Ravan Dahan will not be organized in a public place.

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