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Jharkhand News: Birth of a two-headed child in RIMS, parents ran away after seeing the face, the institution adopted

Birth of a double-headed baby in Reims (Social Media)

In RIMS, Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, its parents fled leaving a newborn child. The newborn remained in the hospital. Because this newborn child had two heads. It is being told that the child who was suffering from a disease like head. Because of this, even the mother who gave birth to him did not take pity on him and left him and left. The only fault of the child was that he was not like normal children. Because if the child could speak, it would have asked the question that if I have two heads, then what is my fault in this.

Parents had entered wrong address

When the parents of the child were contacted after their escape, it was found that the address they had registered with the hospital was also fake. Because perhaps they already had an idea that their child was not going to be normal. Or they had already decided that after giving birth to the child, they had to run away. He did the same. After the birth of the child, the family members went quietly after the child was admitted to the Neonatal ICU. But the doctors took the responsibility of saving the child.

After this, the RIMS management informed the CWC about the child being alone. After getting to know from CWC, the people of Karuna Sanstha came forward to help the child. Devesh, a doctor from there himself came forward and donated blood for the child. After this, after the condition of the child improved, he was discharged from the hospital.

The members of Karuna Sanstha got the child’s leave

According to the people of the institution, the child was sent from Neonatal to the Department of Neuro Surgery. Initially, the doctors had told about the surgery after stopping for a few days. This child was taken to Karuna NMO Ashram after being discharged by the people of the organization. Then when the child turned 15 days old, he was brought to the Neuro Surgery Department of RIMS for the operation. The child will again be taken to Karuna Ashram after being discharged from the hospital after treatment. Many senior doctors of Ranchi run this institution together.

Problems occur when the brain is not developed properly

Dr CB Sahai, Department of Neuro Surgery, RIMS, told that the child has a congenital disease. In this disease, the part of the brain at the back of the head, the CSF comes out and becomes like a sac. Which looks exactly like the head. In medical language it is called occipital meningo encephalocele. He told that the team of doctors together operated him for two hours. After this the child has been kept under close observation.

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