Jharkhand Crime: Shocking incident happened in Palamu, Jharkhand, 2 brothers cut their uncle and grandmother with ax

Jharkhand Crime: झारखंड के पलामू में घटी दिल दहलाने वाली घटना, 2 भाइयों ने अपने चाचा और दादी को कुल्हाटी से काट डाला

Symbolic picture: In Palamu, Jharkhand, he has been hacked to death.

Jharkhand (Jharkhand) K Palamu (Palamu) A heart-wrenching incident has happened. In the Naudiha Bazar police station area of ​​the district, two brothers have killed their own uncle and grandmother with an ax. After carrying out the incident, both the accused lodged a complaint with Medininagar Town Police Station (Medininagar Town Police Station) I surrendered before the police. Police is probing the matter. The police of Medininagar police station informed the Naudiha police station about the incident. After this information, the police of Nodiha police station reached Medininagar police station and took both the accused along with them.

Nodiha Bazar police station in-charge Ranjit Kumar said that the police have taken both the bodies in possession and sent them for post-mortem and the matter is being investigated. He told that prima facie this matter seems to be related to superstition and land dispute. Police is investigating on all points.

Murder due to land dispute and superstition

Villagers told that the village of accused Vinod Singh and Baban Singh cultivates on Jhuljul mountain. At the same time, his uncle Prabhu Singh and grandmother Kalavati Devi live in a hut on Jhuljul mountain and do farming. He told that there was a dispute between the two regarding the field of Jhuljul mountain. Due to this dispute, late on Wednesday evening, both the brothers went to the mountain and attacked uncle Prabhu Singh and grandmother Kalavati with an ax, due to which both died. On Thursday morning, both the brothers surrendered after reaching Medininagar Town Police Station.

The ax used in the murder recovered

Police said that both the accused brothers have accepted the charge and given the ax used in the murder. He said that both the brothers have already committed many criminal incidents and have also gone to jail. He said that a murder case will be registered against both the accused and sent to jail. Police is interrogating the accused and trying to find out the root cause of the incident. The police is also trying to get information about this from the local people.

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