It is called finding opportunity in disaster, cafe was not closed even in flood water

इसे कहते हैं आपदा  में अवसर तलाशना, बाढ़ के पानी में भी बंद नहीं किया कैफे

This cafe in Thailand is making headlines all over the world for its different style.

If you also spend most of your evening in a nice place, then surely you must be in search of a good cafe. Where one can sit calmly and enjoy hot sips of tea to the tune of soothing music. But have you ever gone to a cafe where flood water is full? Actually, these days a cafe is gathering discussion because people are coming there even in flood waters.

According to a report, due to the rising tide of Chao Phraya River, flood water entered homes and shops in many areas. To avoid the flood, some people closed their shops and went to their homes, while some decided to stay there. Titiporn’s restaurant remained open despite the flood and some such system was made here, so that people could come and enjoy their favorite thing in comfort.

During this time boats running in the river are also stopping here and the customers who deliver here are enjoying the food of the restaurant. The waves coming along the side of the restaurant are attracting the attention of the customers. Titiporn, who runs this unique cafe, said, ‘Customers love the waves of the river and I took advantage of this, keeping the restaurant on the banks of the waves. I thought it was a disaster, but one of my ideas turned it into an opportunity.

Now on social media, customers sitting on chairs soaked in water are shooting a lot of videos here. Let us tell you that in the last few weeks, the northern and central provinces of Thailand have been hit by floods, due to which the water level of Bangkok’s river has increased. While Titiporn’s business was closed during the lockdown, she is now happy that this time she tried this interesting way to face the flood, which is being discussed all over the world.

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