Is the government going to impose lockdown? Train services will remain closed till Diwali? Know the truth of this claim

क्या सरकार लगाने जा रही है लॉकडाउन? दिवाली तक बंद रहेंगी ट्रेन सेवाएं? जानें इस दावे की सच्चाई

Have you seen any such message, in which it is being said that lockdown is being imposed in the country.

Fake News Alert: Have you seen any such message, in which it is being said that lockdown is being imposed in the country and all train services will be suspended till Diwali. If yes, then let us tell you that this claim is completely fake and false. Do not believe this claim at all. Along with this, inform other people about it too, so that they do not fall prey to it. PIB Fact Check has given this information.

What is said in the claim?

PIB Fact Check said on its Twitter handle that it is being claimed that due to the increase in the number of corona virus infections, a nationwide lockdown will be imposed from tomorrow morning. Apart from this, all train services will also remain closed across the country till Diwali. He told that both these claims are completely fake and false. And the central government has not made any such announcement.

PIB Fact Check has also shared a screenshot in its tweet. It is visible in this that the Government of India has not made any announcement regarding the nationwide lockdown and closure of train services. A screenshot of a channel is also visible below it, in which it is written that the third wave is dangerous, lockdown from tomorrow morning. With this it is seen that seven lakh corona infected a day. In the breaking news below, it is written that all train services in the country are closed till Diwali. A red color mark has been put on it.

In such a situation, if you have a message on WhatsApp, in which this claim has been made. Or you get such a screenshot or video. So be careful with this, it is completely fake. Don’t believe it at all. And also do not forward it to any other person. Nowadays the trend of such fake messages has increased a lot. And it is very important to be careful with them.

What is PIB Fact Check?

Let us tell you that PIB Fact Check refutes false information on government policies or schemes. If you suspect any government related news to be fake, then you can inform PIB Fact Check about it. For this you can send 918799711259 to this mobile number or [email protected] email id.

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