Is the government giving approval to install 4G/5G towers in the house? Know the full truth of this viral message

क्या सरकार दे रही है घर में 4G/5G टावर लगाने की मंजूरी? जानें इस वायरल मैसेज की पूरी सच्चाई

Have you received any message that you can install a government approved 4G/5G tower in your house?

Fake Message Alert: Have you received any message that you can install government approved 4G/5G tower in your house? If yes, then let us tell you that this message is completely fake and false. The government has not approved any such tower. PIB Fact Check has given this information on its Twitter handle.

What is said in the message?

PIB Fact Check tweeted that a fake message is circulating about the government’s approval to install 4G/5G towers. He told that no such announcement has been made by the Government of India. So, never reply to any such fake email or SMS. So if you also get this message through WhatsApp or MSS, then do not believe it at all. Along with this, do not forward it to any other person. And make people aware about such fake messages.

If you are asked to fill out a form to install this tower, avoid it as well. Do not provide any of your personal information in this. Also, do not pay any fee. This can be a way for cyber criminals to make you a victim of fraud. So be careful. PIB Fact Check has also shared a screenshot of one such message.

In the era of Corona epidemic, there is a sharp increase in the cases of cybercrime. So be careful too.

What is PIB Fact Check?

Let us tell you that PIB Fact Check refutes false information on government policies or schemes. If you suspect any government related news to be fake, then you can inform PIB Fact Check about it. For this you can send 918799711259 to this mobile number or [email protected] email id.

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