Is the government giving 2000 rupees every month to the daughters under the Pradhan Mantri Kanya Ashirwad Yojana? Know the full truth of the viral message

प्रधानमंत्री कन्या आशीर्वाद योजना में क्या बेटियों को हर महीने 2000 रुपये दे रही सरकार? जानें वायरल मैसेज का पूरा सच

Wrong information being spread in the name of Pradhanmantri Kanya Ashirwad Yojana, stay alert

Pradhanmantri Kanya Ashirwad Yojana Viral Video: Many types of schemes are run for daughters in the country. From the birth of daughters to their education and marriage, the central and state governments help under various schemes. But is there any scheme being run in the name of Pradhan Mantri Kanya Ashirwad Yojana? Is 2000 rupees being given to daughters every month under this?

You are probably hearing the name of this scheme for the first time! Maybe you have received a message on WhatsApp, in which it has been told about this scheme! Or have you seen such a video on any YouTube channel! So what is the truth about it? Is there really such a plan?

What is being claimed?

A link to a YouTube video is going viral on social media. It is being claimed in this YouTube video that the central government will give financial assistance of Rs 2000 every month to the daughters. However, the government has clarified about how much truth there is in this claim. This claim has been denied by the government information agency PIB i.e. Press Information Bureau.

PIB told the truth

There is a fact check wing of PIB i.e. Press Information Bureau – PIB Fact Check. PIB Fact Check has given correct information about this viral message by tweeting from its Twitter handle. It is written by tweeting, it is being claimed by a youtube channel that under ‘Pradhan Mantri Kanya Ashirwad Yojana’, an amount of 2000 rupees will be provided by the central government as financial assistance.

PIB has said that this claim is fake. No such scheme is being run by the central government. That is, it is clear that when the government is not running any such scheme, then the question of getting benefits does not arise. That is, this claim is completely fake.

Check out PIB’s tweet here:

you can also contact

If you also have doubts on any video, photo, then you can WhatsApp on +91 8799711259 or email [email protected] Apart from this, you can also contact on Twitter @PIBFactCheck or /PIBFactCheck on Instagram or /PIBFactCheck on Facebook.

Many Fake Websites Spread False Information

PIB has a proper website, where there is a separate page for fact check. It can be visited at this address Many websites trick people with the intention of fraud and want to extort money. PIB has also put a list of fraudulent websites on this website.

List of fraudulent websites:-


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