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Is it time to open the schools closed for 17 months?

Is the administration fully prepared to open the school?

School is closed in India for 17 months due to Corona Pandemic. Bihar BJP MP Sushil Kumar Singh has raised some important questions before the Union Education Minister to know the reality of the education system affected by the lockdown due to the epidemic. The questions were: Have some states seen a sharp drop in the number of students enrolled in private schools compared to the year before the global pandemic? How is the government trying to deal with the loss of educational opportunities for this section of students? What is the state-wise dropout rate by students from government and private schools in 2019-20 and 2020-21? Has the government or any other body under its administrative control tried to measure the level of ‘digital divide’ in India for government school students, especially in rural areas?

Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, while answering these questions in the Lok Sabha on August 2, said, the school dropout rate in India is 1.5 per cent for primary (1.7 per cent for boys and 1.2 per cent for girls), 2.6 per cent for upper primary ( 2.2 percent for boys and 3 percent for girls) and 16.1 percent (boys 17.0 percent, girls 15.1 percent) at the secondary level.

It will take a few more years to bring the education world back to normal due to the pandemic.

According to the minister, on January 7, the Union Education Ministry has sent clear guidelines to every state, to ensure that the education of 6-18 year old students, even children with special needs, during the closure of the school is in any way. Don’t be interrupted in any way. The second guidelines in this regard were issued on May 4, 2021, in which it has been said that nodal groups, help-desks will be set up in villages and towns and the various educational needs of the students will be taken seriously.

But it is known to all that the guidelines have a lot to say, but the truth is, it will still take a few more years to restore the disintegration in the education world due to the pandemic. Without evaluation, the future of the students is in the dark because of the result. Many reputed companies are raising questions on the capability of those students.

Due to paucity of money, students left private schools

Due to non-payment of dues fees, private schools did not issue ‘transfer certificates’, due to which 26 percent students were not able to take admission in government schools. On 6 September, a survey report named ‘School Children Online and Offline Learning’ has come out. The ‘Locked Out Emergency Report on School Education’ survey in 15 states and union territories has shown that only 8 per cent students in rural areas (24 per cent in urban areas) are able to study online, falsifying central government data. Have been able to. Due to paucity of money, 26 percent of the students left the private schools and approached the government schools, but due to their inability to pay the due fees, the private schools did not give them ‘transfer certificates’, due to which 26 percent of the students did not take admission in the government schools. Get it

literacy rate has fallen

In the last 17 months, 36 percent of students in rural areas and 19 percent in urban areas have stayed away from education altogether. 42 percent of the students of the village are not able to read a single word properly. 9 percent of urban students and 6 percent of rural students could not raise a single penny for internet data. Online study material has not reached up to 14 percent in urban areas and 43 percent in rural areas. Not only this, internet connectivity problem has affected 57 per cent urban and 65 per cent rural students. 78 percent of urban and 79 percent of rural parents think that the first to fifth grade education has become completely negative due to the lockdown. The literacy rate of 10-14 year old students has come down from 98 percent in urban areas to 74 percent and in rural areas to 66 percent. In the case of Dalits and Adivasis, this value has come down to 61 percent.

Child labor has increased due to school closure

5 percent of urban and 12 percent of rural teachers went to their student’s home to inquire about them or help them with their studies, setting the example for many responsible teachers lending their mobile phones to students to study. Not only this, the mobiles of very poor students have been recharged when needed. Divided into small groups, they were taught in the open or at home. Although some students from rural and urban areas were able to participate in online studies, not even 1 percent of rural students participated in the education program by Doordarshan. Child labor has increased in villages or cities due to the closure of schools. 97 percent of parents want school to start as soon as possible.

It is necessary to ensure the safety of students before starting school

Is it possible to start school by saying to start school? First of all it is very important to ensure the safety of the students. The threat of the third wave of COVID is still hanging on its head. Vaccination has not been done in school children yet. The third wave of COVID can undoubtedly be a disaster for those who are deprived of the vaccine. In such a situation, without the vaccine, children or young students are slightly more likely to get infected. Therefore, the primary condition for opening a school should be that all teachers, teacher staff and students have been vaccinated.

On August 27, 2021, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), published a story about a teacher in Martin County, California who did not wear a mask. And didn’t even get vaccinated. That teacher had infected 26 innocent children (primary students).

Scientists have suggested time and again that open air dwellers are many times more protected from COVID-19 infection than those living in closed rooms. Therefore, there is a need to provide adequate lighting and ventilation, along with all the windows and doors of the classroom being open during the school opening. Otherwise, a HEPA filter is required. Except one day, only a certain number of students will sit in a certain class of the school, it is necessary to ensure that no one has fever. If the teachers in charge of the mobile cameras keep taking pictures of the attendance of the students every day, then it will be possible to do ‘contact tracing’ for COVID if needed.

Rapid antigen test should be arranged for everyone in the school once a week. To defeat COVID, it is necessary to focus on ‘break the chain’ along with vaccination. The school should be closed if the infection increases in the vicinity of the school. It should be mandatory for everyone to wear a mask in school.

Vaccines have not yet been legally tested in the world for children between the ages of 5 and 18. Myocarditis and pericarditis (complicated heart disease) have been found in 1 in 5,000 people in the age group of 17-18 years as a side effect of Pfizer-Modern Vaccine. Surprisingly, the abundance of interferon-gamma and interleukin-17 and the receptor mdf5 in the younger age group did not allow the corona to grow. Vaccines, masks and responsible adult behavior can keep children safe in and out of school. Will the government and school administration be able to implement these suggestions?

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