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Inside Story: ‘Vera’ and ‘Pink’ of Delhi Police are in discussions even before they hit the road under ‘Prasakti Yojana’

Why Delhi Police’s ‘Veera’ and ‘Pink’ are in discussion

In the capital of India i.e. Delhi Police, the Veera Squad and Pink Booth prepared under Prashakti are being discussed for many days. From the police station to the Delhi Police Headquarters, everyone seems eager to know the inside thing about these three. Suddenly the market of discussions on these three is heating up and the curiosity is increasing in the Delhi Police department because, in the long past of Delhi Police, no one had ever heard of any such name before today. In such a situation, discussions are bound to happen in the department regarding all these. Let us tell you openly that what is the story inside ‘Prakashti’, Veera Squad and Pink Booth?

Delhi Police has divided this metro city into 15 districts to better operate the law and order of the capital. The command of every district is handed over to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (IPS DCP). A range has been made to monitor every three districts. Accordingly, 15 districts are divided into 6 zones. IPS officers of Joint Police Commissioner Range have been deployed in every range. The city has been made 2 zones (Zone-1 and Zone-2) to monitor the law and order over the district and the range.

Story of Prashakti, Veera Squad and Pink Booth

Two Special Police Commissioner level officers have been made at the head of these two zones. In the midst of so much Lashkar, now understand that what is this Prashakti and the ‘Vera Squad’ and ‘Pink Booth’ prepared under it? And all of a sudden these days, why and how did the discussion start from the streets of Delhi to the Delhi Police Headquarters? It is well known that in spite of such a huge lynching, on the streets of the capital’s streets, the massacre of women in crowded markets, the criminal incidents that often happen with them in public have created an uproar. Two-three days ago, a girl was stabbed to death on a public street.

That’s why the Women District DCP took the initiative

A few days before this incident, a woman was stabbed and injured. He died on the way to the hospital. The incidents related to snatching, looting, misbehavior with women on the streets of the capital were reduced to everyday horror news. In the midst of all these bad and scary news, suddenly last month, the Delhi Police Commissioner handed over the reins of six out of 15 districts from the hands of male IPS officers to female IPS officers. There were two reasons behind this. The first reason is that women IPS officers will be able to reach directly among the masses of the streets and localities during the deployment of the districts, which are often falling prey to petty crimes and criminals.

District job teaches the nuances of policing

The second main reason for the deployment of these young women IPS officers as district police chiefs was. During the deployment in the district, ‘civil-policing’ gets an opportunity to see, understand, learn very closely. How to control law and order in any adverse situation? How to strengthen harmony by creating trust between the common man (local residents) and the Khaki uniform. All this skill can be achieved only by doing district police officers. However, 43 years after the commissioning system was implemented in Delhi Police, a new record has been made that 6 out of 15 districts of the capital are commanded by women police DCPs (Benita Mary Jayakar, Shweta Chauhan, Isha Pandey, Priyanka Kashyap, Usha Rangrani, Urvija Goyal).

Women IPS to become District DCP in 6 districts

When young women IPS officers were posted in six out of 15 districts, the result was bound to come out. The real form of the same result is the “Prashakti” scheme first launched in the Central District of Delhi Police. This scheme can actually prove to be an infallible formula discovered by recently appointed 2010 batch female IPS (District DCP) Shweta Chauhan in the Central district, which directly gives the women of the district a feeling of being safe somewhere. can do. Central Delhi district has become the first district out of 15 districts of Delhi under the Prashakti scheme, which has started Veer Squad (Prashakti Beat Staff) and Pink Police Booth.

Do not push women, police will help

The biggest feature of Veera Squad, Prashakti Beat Staff and Pink Booth is that only 100% women policemen have been included in the police staff posted in them. The first pink booth in the district has been started from Karolbagh police station. In the Central Delhi district, now there will be no need or compulsion for women to go to the police station and post about their problems. From the registration of the case till the disposal of their complaint. Every help will be provided by the women policemen present in ‘Pink Booth’ and ‘Prakashti Beat’. Without wasting time or pushing the victim forward. Women policemen posted in Veera Squad and Prashakti Beat Staff will patrol day and night among the population of the area on motor cycles, scooties. It will be their primary responsibility to keep women and children safe from crime-criminals.

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