Inside Story: Delhi Police lightened by the decree issued by ‘Babu’ in the name of DCP! You will be shocked to know the reality

Inside Story: DCP के नाम से 'बाबू' द्वारा जारी किए गए फरमान से हलकान दिल्ली पुलिस! हकीकत जान रह जाएंगे दंग

An order of Dwarka Police is becoming quite viral in the department. (symbolic picture)

For two days, an order is going viral among the people associated with the Delhi Police, the capital of the country. This viral order has stirred everyone from ‘Sepoy-Havildar’ to ‘IPS Officer Sahiban’. Seeing the order, it seems as if it has been issued by Dwarka District DCP (Deputy Commissioner). However, the concerned district DCP refuses to issue this order. According to him, the order has been issued by his subordinate ‘Babu’.

According to DCP Dwarka Shankar Chaudhary, “A Babu level employee posted under me had issued this order. Neither I have issued the order nor did Babu discuss with me regarding the issuance of the order. Departmental action has been taken against the accused Babu (policeman who issued order in the name of his district DCP). Why and how did Babu issue such an order without my permission? I am getting it checked.” Whatever be the case, this alleged order will continue to be probed. Delhi Police (Dwarka District DCP Office) department will continue to deal with this mastermind babu as per law.

That’s why the alleged decree came in the discussion

At present, this alleged order viral on social media and surprising in itself has become a topic of discussion in the Delhi Police Department from constable-havildar to IPS officer. Allegedly by a babu, but without the permission of his DCP, how was this order issued? This is the subject of further discussion of the internal investigation of the department. In fact, the spectacle of this viral order has already become a reality in the department. In this purported order, it has been said that the 10 constables, constables, ASIs and so-and-so IAS (there is only one IAS officer in the list), IPS officers (the rest 8 IPS officers are in the list) appointed in the Delhi Police Dwarka district, will be posted here or with them. posted together.

All Delhi Police employees mentioned in this said order should report to Dwarka District Police Line with immediate effect by 9 October 2021 (the day after the order is issued). In the order, eight constables, one constable and one assistant sub-inspector of police (ASI) have been told categorically and in a very strict tone that, “Whoever nominated policemen leave the duty of IAS, IPS officers by the fixed or stipulated time immediately. Will not report to district police lines. His salary will be stopped from October 9, 2021 with immediate effect. The order begins with the subject “Regarding relieving of temporarily attach staff”, which means, in relation to the removal of temporarily posted staff.

That’s why the alleged decree became a spectacle

This alleged but sensitive order has been issued on 8 October 2021 from the office of DCP Dwarka, allegedly right. In this popular order, till the disclosure of the names of the constable-havildar, if the matter had remained simple, perhaps no one would have much effect or weight. Actually this order has become Babal-e-Jaan because, in it, the names of 8 IPS officers including one IAS are also included.

The first name in the order issued is that of a retired IPS officer of 1984 batch. This IPS officer has recently retired from the post of Special Director General of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF). In Delhi Police, the name of these former IPS officers has also been included in giving all the well-known encounter specialists to the department. In the beginning of the riots in North East Delhi (Seelampur) in December 1992, the fear of shooting 20-25 rioters was also tied on the head of this former IPS officer.

A ‘babu’ order stirred up

According to this purported order, the Havildar posted with these former Special Commissioners of Delhi Police has been asked to immediately present at the Dwarka District Police Lines. Similarly, some time ago, he was continuously posted in Delhi Police Crime Branch for many years. And then from there the Joint Commissioner of Police posted in the range posted with the IPS officer, the Assistant Sub-Inspector has also been called back from him immediately according to this alleged order. Before the name of every IPS and one IAS officer mentioned in this list, ‘attach’ with him, and the name of Havildar, Sepoy, ASI originally appointed in Dwarka district is printed.

Viral In this alleged order, the name of a Special Commissioner level IPS is also registered, who is currently posted outside Delhi in Puducherry. The names of three such Special Police Commissioners of Delhi Police have been mentioned in this alleged order, with whom these subordinate constables, constables have been shown posted. Whereas the names of two DCPs of Delhi Police are also mentioned in the list. Those who have attached the soldiers originally posted in Dwarka district with them. Out of the two DCPs whose names have been mentioned in the order, one DCP has recently gone on deputation (intelligence department) to the Central Government from a district of Delhi. Whereas other DCPs have recently been shifted from a district of Delhi to the security wing.

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