India’s oldest Banana Research Institute started… Farmers will get big benefit

शुरू हुआ भारत का सबसे पुराना केला रिसर्च इंस्टीट्यूट... किसानों को होगा बड़ा फायदा

The Central Government has taken a big step regarding the Banana Research Institute located in Bihar. It was started again in the year 2017. Now this institute is taking steps to help the farmers.

G Research Centre

India’s oldest and only banana research center was in Hajipur, but later it had to be closed due to the establishment of Krishi Vigyan Kendra there. Meanwhile, the Agriculture Department of the Government of India has established a Banana Research Center in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu. After the establishment of the center, almost all the major banana species of Hajipur were shifted from Hajipur to Banana Research Center, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu. This caused a lot of damage to the state, but now the Pusa University has taken up the responsibility. Research is being done in Goraul of Vaishali district.

Dr. Ramesh Chandra Srivastava, Vice Chancellor of Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University Pusa, started the Banana Research Center at Goraul in Vaishali district on March 17, 2017 through Radha Mohan Singh, the then Agriculture Minister, Government of India. Dr. Ramesh Chandra Srivastava tells NewsNCR Digital that our motive behind starting this center was only that how to save the species which had become the identity of the state and its surroundings. The activities of this center have been badly affected due to the lockdown, but now a lot of research activities have been done. Quality banana plants prepared by tissue culture from this center are available for sale. Here farmers are given information about the production technology of banana and scientific management of diseases and insects involved in it.

Indigenous banana species in danger

Dr. Srivastava explains that intercropping of many vegetables along with bananas can be done at this center, successfully told and shown to the farmers. Our effort is here to prepare banana plants from the tissue culture of all the banana species of Bihar and distribute them to the farmers. Plants of Malbhog, Alpan, Chinia, Kothia, Battisa as well as Grand Nain and Robusta are also prepared in this center.

How is research

According to the Vice Chancellor of Pusa University, this research center has been set up for the collection, characterization, evaluation, storage and marketing loss of banana germplasm, increasing the input use efficiency and reducing the storage and marketing loss, environment-friendly diseases – Pests and their management was done for the purpose. The main objective of this center is to develop new technologies for processing and value addition of banana. This institute was also established for dissemination of knowledge and skills among banana growers and rural youth for production of disease free improved planting material in large numbers and for adoption of innovative and advanced technologies in farmers’ fields. .

Team of senior officers formed

This center works under the Directorate of Research Research Directorate. Director Research Dr. Mithilesh Kumar who himself is a very big Bio-Technologist Technologist, this center is getting the benefit of his experience. The controlling officer of this center is Dr SK Singh, co-director of research, who is a national level Banana Disease Expert. The in-charge of this center is co-senior scientist Dr. RN Singh, under whom a whole diligent team of scientists and employees is working.

what is the purpose

• To increase the production and productivity of bananas along with the net income of banana growers through strategic research approaches on crop improvement, crop production, water management, crop protection, crop intensification and post-harvest management.
• Large number of genuinely improved clones of different varieties of banana to give higher yield and to provide banana saplings to the banana growers in different parts of the state.
• To act as a national repository of banana germplasm.
• To disseminate knowledge and skills for banana production and productivity through capacity building of stakeholders and banana growers.

Opportunity / Strength

There is an opportunity for Banana Research Centre, Goraul to promote the expansion of area under scientific cultivation of banana in the state so that higher yield of true type disease free clones of different varieties and to provide scientific advice for banana.
• Establishment of better marketing facilities for the banana grower by using two towns near Muzaffarpur and Hajipur and also the nearest distance of the capital Patna from Banana Research Centre, Goraul.
• Promotion of organic farming by adopting vermicompost production technology in banana fields.
• Promotion of compatible, more remunerative horticultural crops through intercropping to increase the net income of banana growers.
• To increase the income of banana growers by increasing the cropping intensity in banana fields by adopting profitable intercropping system.


• Suitable climate of the state for adopting advanced scientific cultivation of banana
• Fertile agricultural land has the potential to produce more bananas.
• Dissemination of advanced and innovative technologies among banana growers The major strength of Banana Research Station, Goraul is to build capacity of banana farmers and various stakeholders involved in agriculture.

To create more employment to farmers and rural youth by promoting scientific cultivation of bananas and establishing good marketing system along with quality production in farmers’ fields.


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