In unilateral love, a mad lover shot and killed the girl, for fear of being trapped, gave his life in this way

झारखंडः रांची में बीजेपी नेता की गोली मारकर हत्या, पार्टी ने कहा- राज्य में कानून व्यवस्था पूरी तरह से हो चुकी ध्वस्त

In Ballia, UP, a mad lover shot and killed a girl in one sided love.

In Ballia, UP, a mad lover shot and killed a girl in one-sided love. Surprisingly, after that he shot himself too. The youth entered the girl’s house in broad daylight in Pipra Dhala village. He opened fire on the girl in front of the family. In this incident, he died on the spot. As soon as the sound of bullets was heard, the nearby people gathered on the spot. Seeing being surrounded from all sides, the young man blew himself with a bullet. Because of which he also lost his life.

The family informed the police about this incident. After which the police team also reached the spot. Police is now probing the matter. According to the news, a young man named Azam Khan had fallen in one-sided love with a girl from the neighborhood. He was after the girl for a long time. But the girl was not ready to listen to him. After which the angry young man entered his house with a pistol. In anger, he shot the girl (Boy Shoot Girl In One Sided Love).

shot himself after seeing the trap

When the family members reached the spot after hearing the sound of bullets, Azam was standing there with a gun in his hand. The family locked the door of the house fearing his escape. Seeing himself trapped, Azam shot himself in a hurry. In this incident, he also died on the spot. It is being told that the marriage of the girl was fixed elsewhere. She had talked to Azam once or twice but she did not love him. The boy was very upset after not hearing him. In anger, he took this dreadful step.

7 expensive phones found from girl’s room

In the investigation of the police, 7 mobile phones have been found from the girl’s room, including 2 expensive phones. All these phones are being told of the deceased girl. The police is currently investigating all these phones. The police have recovered a country made revolver, 4 empty kiosks and 1 live cartridge from the place of incident. Police say that it is a case of love affair. At present it is being investigated.

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