In Jharkhand, 39 percent people still consume tobacco, companies are trying to woo girls

झारखंड में अब भी 39 फीसदी लोग करते हैं तंबाकू का सेवन, लड़कियों को लुभाने में लगी हैं कंपनिया

39% of people still use tobacco in Jharkhand (Twitter)

There has been a decrease in the figures of tobacco users in Jharkhand. Health Minister Banna Gupta said this in a workshop organized by State Tobacco Control Cell and Seeds at Namkum, Ranchi. Addressing the workshop, Health Minister Banna Gupta said that tobacco companies are adopting new ways to attract people to increase their business. Not only this, those companies are now working on promoting its use in boys as well as girls. The Health Minister said that if women consume tobacco, then not only their health will be affected, it will also have a bad effect on the children to come.

Decrease in tobacco users in the state

Banna Gupta said that to get rid of tobacco use, prevention can be done by spreading awareness among them and strictly following the rules made by the government. He told that Gupta told that the number of tobacco users in Jharkhand has come down from 50.1 percent to 38.9 percent, but this figure is still much higher than the country’s figure of 28.6 percent.

Tobacco consumption statistics in Jharkhand

Jharkhand Health Minister Banna Gupta said that according to the Global Youth Tobacco Survey of the Government of India, 8.5 percent of the students in the age group of 13 to 15 in India consume tobacco in some form, while in Jharkhand 13 to 15 years. 5.1 percent of the students in the age group of 5 years use tobacco in some form or the other.

Laws need to be tightened

He said that the main objective of implementing the provisions of COTPA, 2003 is to prevent the underage youth and students from access to tobacco products. For this, 100% compliance of COTPA should be done. The Health Minister also requested the representatives of the Central Government present in the program to amend the Central COTPA Act on the lines of the COTPA Amendment Bill 2021 in the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly.

Government committed to ban tobacco

The Health Minister said that the Jharkhand government is committed to ban the use of tobacco. For this, the government has also passed a bill in the assembly, in which a provision has been made to increase the minimum age limit from 18 years to 21 years for people engaged in tobacco use and its business. The government has banned the use of tobacco in public places, as well as its sale and use within 100 meters of schools, colleges, government institutions, courts etc. has also been banned. The state government has also taken a new initiative that people joining new government institutions are making a declaration that they will not use tobacco in future.

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