In Dhanbad district of Jharkhand, the paddy arrived before time, farmers upset, know what scientists say

झारखंड के धनबाद जिले में समय से पहले धान में आ गयी बाली, किसान परेशान, जानें क्या कहते हैं वैज्ञानिक

Dr. Priya Ranjan Kumar, in-charge of IRRI Hazaribagh and Paddy Scientist said that this is nothing to panic. Many paddy are of short duration so the earring leaves early.

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Kharif crop is considered to be the most important crop of the country. In this, the loss to the farmers means that their whole year’s hard work went in vain. Paddy is mainly cultivated in the whole country including Jharkhand this Kharif season. For this, many farmers buy seeds from shops and many farmers take paddy from government centers at subsidized rates.

Jharkhand has received good rains this time, the faces of the farmers are in full bloom because seeing the rain, they also hope that their crop will be good. But the farmers of Balliapur in Dhanbad are very upset after seeing their paddy crop. Paddy seeds were taken from these farmers at subsidized rates from the block headquarters for planting Kharif crops. But the farmers are saying that they have been given wrong seeds. Due to this, the paddy is coming out in his field before time. Due to this, the concern of the farmers has increased.

Fear of loss haunting farmers

Hakimuddin Ansari, a farmer of Balliapur block of Dhanbad district, is very worried about this and asks where should he go to narrate his problems now. Because Bali has left prematurely. If the crop is not good, then there will be food cravings in the house. They believe that the seeds found here at subsidized rates have deceived the farmers in such a way that they are losing their hopes about the Kharif crop. He says that Bali has come before time. In such a situation, farmers do not see any way out.

government grant

The farmers told that dozens of farmers of Ballia block had sown the seeds received from the block office at subsidized rates on July 15 in the fields. After this, it was transplanted on August 11 when the seed was ready. After this, the earring is coming out in them only. Which is not considered a good sign from the point of view of yield. The farmers had bought IR-64 and DRRH-3 varieties of paddy seeds from the Agriculture Department at half the cost.

coming to bali is not a good sign

Within a month of sowing of paddy, the plants got earring. In this regard, the farmers say that the arrival of ear in the plants within a month is not a good sign. Due to this there is a possibility of great loss to the farmers. The farmers have demanded compensation by giving an application to the District Agriculture Officer. At the same time, Block Agriculture Officer Ajay Kumar Paswan says that the District Agriculture Officer has been informed about the matter.

what do scientists say

Dr. Priya Ranjan Kumar, in-charge of IRRI Hazaribagh and Paddy Scientist said that this is nothing to panic. Many paddy are of short duration so the earring leaves early. The DRRH-3 variety is short-lived. Therefore, coming to Bali in them is not a matter of concern. Yes, the earring does not come so fast in IR 64. But when it has come, the yield will also be there but it will be a little less.

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