Important news for the farmers cultivating papaya… in this season this mistake will be heavy throughout the year

पपीता की खेती करने वाले किसानों के लिए जरूरी खबर...इस मौसम में ये गलती सालभर पड़ेगी भारी


Many diseases related to this cultivation are becoming the problem of the farmers planting papaya. Sometimes the leaves turn yellow and sometimes the disease in their fruits bothers more. Due to the lack of boron, the fruit is not able to take its correct shape, due to which it grows to humpback and eventually gets ruined. Farmers should take steps after seeing the symptoms related to it.Dr. Dr. SK Singh, Associate Director Research, Professor cum Chief Scientist (Plant Pathology) of Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University Pusa, Samastipur Bihar is telling the farmers through NewsNCR Digital

Farmers cultivating papaya should be careful about the humpback in the fruits of their trees. The reason for humpback is the lack of boron in papaya. One of the early signs of boron deficiency is a pale yellowing (chlorosis) of mature leaves, which are brittle and responsible for curling of the undersides of the leaves. A white discharge “latex” latex may flow up the upper part of the main stem, from the leaf stalk, and through the main veins and crevices under the petioles, the sideshoot after death. ), which eventually dies.

what are the symptoms of the disease

According to Dr SK Singh, the first sign of boron deficiency in any fruit plant is the fall of flowers. When the fruits develop, they are likely to secrete a white latex; later, the fruits become deformed and lumpy. Distortion is probably the result of incomplete fertilization as most of the seeds in the seed cavity are either aborted, poorly developed or absent. If symptoms begin when the fruits are very small, most do not grow to full size.

How to manage boron deficiency deformities (humpbacks)?

Determine the amount of boron by testing the soil. If you are not able to do the test, then give 8 to 10 grams per plant in the form of basal dose in the soil, this work can be done even while plowing the soil. Spraying of Boron @ 6 grams per liter of water at an interval of one month starting from the first month to the 8th month can also eliminate the humpback formation in the fruit. This disease can be eradicated from papaya field. Farmers take timely steps, otherwise commercial farming can cause more damage.

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