Imagine what would happen if the AC wall in the house was put down instead of above?

सोचिए अगर घर में AC दीवार में ऊपर की जगह नीचे लगा दें तो क्या होगा?

You must have seen that the room in which AC is installed, it is always installed on the top side. But, have you ever wondered what will happen if it is placed on the lower side and why it is placed on the top side only.

There is a scientific reason for installing AC in the room, due to which it can be done.

In summer, whenever you come to the room from outside and the AC is running in the room, then it is very relaxing. When there is cold air from the AC installed in the upper side of the room, then it is very relaxing. But, have you ever wondered why the AC is mounted on the top side of the wall. It is not that all people put AC upwards, so seeing them this is happening even though there is an important reason behind it.

In such a situation, we know what is the reason for putting the AC upwards in the room and what is the scientific reason between it. Also, you will know that if you put it downwards, then what will happen and what will be the effect on the coolness in the room… know everything related to it…

Why put it upwards?

The reason for putting the AC up in the room is the wind. Actually, this is done because of the wind. Cool air comes out from AC and hot air remains in the room. Cold air is much smaller than warm air. When cold air comes out of the AC, it goes like the floor, that is, it goes down. But, the hot air is very light and starts blowing up. In such a situation, whenever the AC is running, the cold air comes down and the hot air keeps going up. Due to this, the hot air of the room goes up, which the AC leaves out and the room becomes cold.

It is a kind of bicycle, in which cold air comes down and hot air goes up. This whole process is called convection, which goes on continuously. It works to cool the room. In such a situation, whenever you check the temperature of the lower part of the room, it will be very low and the top will be very high, which is due to the wind. Therefore, the AC is always installed upwards.

What if you put it down?

For example, if you put the AC on the lower side, then the cold air of the AC will go further down. Due to this, only the floor area will be able to cool down and hot air will remain in the whole room above, due to which the room will not be able to cool down. Because of this, the AC is never installed downwards. Whereas with heaters the exact opposite happens. In this, the heater is put down, due to which the heat from the heater rises up and the whole room gets heated. While the bottom remains cold. If you put a heater above, then only the roof will be hot and the cold will remain below.

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