If you want to save in sugarcane irrigation, then this mobile app will help, when and how much water has to be spent, you will get complete information

गन्ने की सिंचाई में बचत करनी है तो ये मोबाइल ऐप करेगा मदद, कब और कितना खर्च करना है पानी, मिलेगी पूरी जानकारी

If you want to save in sugarcane irrigation then this mobile app will help.

Sugarcane cultivation provides the basis of our rural economy. For this, adequate and timely irrigation is necessary along with other measures to get maximum yield of sugarcane from every field. Seeing the beneficial effect of irrigation on sugarcane production in most areas, farmers keep applying water in large amounts frequently and in excessive amounts. This results in loss of both water and irrigation expenditure.

By saving water in sugarcane cultivation, besides environmental protection, there is an opportunity to promote other economic activities. For this purpose, this mobile app “Ikshu Kedar” has been developed by ICAR-Indian Sugarcane Research Institute, Lucknow on the basis of scientific calculations, targeting remunerative yield in sugarcane crop for North Indian climate. By its use, the date of next irrigation in sugarcane crop is known, which saves unnecessary irrigation repeated.

sugarcane irrigation mobile app

sugarcane irrigation mobile app

The interval between two irrigations will be different for the sugarcane crop sown in different seasons, so the date of sowing of sugarcane and the date of last irrigation must be mentioned. This app has been designed keeping in mind the weather conditions of North Indian states in general conditions of sugarcane cultivation. Its use is not recommended in special conditions such as saline or alkaline soils, waterlogged areas and areas with very heavy or sandy soils.

Farmers can download the app in Google Play Store, that too absolutely free.

Also know about Indian Sugarcane Research Institute

In the year 1920, the first ‘Indian Sugar Committee’ appointed by the Government of India recommended the establishment of an ‘Imperial Sugar Research Institute’ where agricultural, technical, chemical and engineering research related to sugarcane and sugar could be carried out on a coordinated basis. The Indian Central Sugarcane Committee (ICSC) was established on 29 November 1944 to coordinate the work of sugarcane agricultural research and development.

Indian Sugarcane Research Institute, Lucknow was established under the ‘Indian Central Sugarcane Committee’. Its cornerstone was K.M. Munshi, the then Minister of Food and Agriculture, Government of India, on 16 February 1952, at the present location of the Institute. On April 1, 1969, the institute was acquired by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi. Farmers can also talk to these numbers for more information.

Director, ICAR – Indian Sugarcane Research Institute, Lucknow
Telephone Number : 0522-2480726
Fax Number : 0522-2480738
E-mail : [email protected]

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