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If you want to earn profit from the production of vegetables, then adopt the staking method, along with the production, the earnings will increase.

Farmers can earn good money by staking method.

Farmers often use new techniques and methods to make farming a profitable deal. One of these methods is also the staking method. With this method, farmers cultivate vegetables and good profits can also be earned from it. This method was very successful, a large number of farmers are adopting it.

Apart from the tradition, the farmers who are producing vegetables by this method, they are taking more production than the farmers cultivating in the traditional way, due to which their income is also increasing. So let us know what is the staking method and how is it cultivated.

What is the staking method?

In this method a net of wire and rope is made with the help of bamboo. The vines of plants are spread on it. The farmer can cultivate many other vegetables including brinjal, tomato, chilli, bitter gourd, gourd. Farmers of many villages are successfully cultivating by staking method, because in this method the crop is completely safe. In this way the price of crops is also good in the market.

how to use staking method

  • If the farmer wants to cultivate vegetables by this method, then first of all, at a distance of about 10 feet on the sides of the bund, 10 feet high bamboo poles should be erected.
  • After this, tie an iron wire on the poles at a height of 2-2 feet.
  • Now the plants are tied on the wire with the help of twine, so that the growth of the plant continues to grow upwards.
  • In this way the height of the plants becomes up to 8 feet. Only seven of its plants become strong and give better fruits.

Advantages of Staking Method

  • With this method, crops like tomato, brinjal, chilli, bitter gourd can be saved from rotting, because it is necessary to support these crops.
  • Plants with vines are not able to bear the weight of much of the fruit. In such a situation, the staking method supports the plants.
  • If the fruit stays near the soil in moist conditions, it will rot. In this way, this method preserves the fruits.
  • By this method the plants can be prevented from breaking.

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