If you do sowing of sugarcane in the right way, there will be bumper production, profits will increase

सही विधि से करेंगे गन्ना की बुवाई तो होगा बंपर उत्पादन, बढ़ जाएगा मुनाफा

With the right method of sowing sugarcane, production can increase.

Sowing of cash crop sugarcane is about to start in many states. This crop has always been a profitable deal for the farmers. But many times farmers make small mistakes, due to which the production gets affected. If farmers sow with the right method, not only can production be increased, but the cost can also be reduced.

Today in this news we will know about the correct method of sowing sugarcane. With this method of sowing sugarcane, farmers can get bumper production. You can earn great profits.

  • Sowing of sugarcane should be done by flat and round method. For this, after preparing the field by giving it, 75-90 cm. Take out a deep pool at the distance of . In heavy and well fertile lands, row to row distance is 90 cm. And in light and less fertile soil, this distance is 75 cm. keep
  • For the prevention of insects like termites in these troughs, put insecticide and keep the sugarcane pieces from above with a pyrodha and then turn the floor so that the pieces are well covered in the soil. In the third week of sowing, carefully do blind hoeing by giving one irrigation, by doing this the soil crust will be uprooted and germination will be good.
  • In clay soil areas, the soil is not ready to become friable. Therefore, sowing should be done in dry soil in these areas. For this, 75-90 cm in dry soil. Take out deep cisterns at a distance and put fertilizers and medicines for land treatment in them. After this, keep the pieces of sugarcane on a diya (oblique) and after turning the pedestal, give irrigation immediately. Keep in mind that the first irrigation should be light and uniform. When the field comes to the outside, do blind hoeing well. After 15-20 days, do irrigation and hoeing again. This will improve germination.
  • Sow three-four additional rows of sugarcane for transplanting in the vacant places. Where germination is low, take out the one eye piece and transplant it after 25-30 days of sowing.

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