If you are in a government job, you can easily take a claim of 4 lakhs, you will also get arrears

सरकारी नौकरी में हैं तो आसानी से ले सकते हैं 4 लाख का क्लेम, साथ में एरियर भी मिलेगा

Benefit of Children Education Allowance Scheme (Indicative Image)

People doing government jobs get education allowance for their child’s education. A special provision has been made for this in the 7th Pay Commission. Under the Children’s Education Allowance (CEA), government employees are given education expenses such as hostel and school fees. Under the CEA, the government gives many types of expenses for the education of children. If the child of a government employee is disabled, then he is given double the money than a normal child.

Earlier, less money was available under this allowance than at the present time. An amount of 1500 rupees per child was received every month for the cost of education. The great thing is that as the dearness allowance kept increasing, the allowance was also increased. Apart from this, 4500 rupees were given every month as hostel subsidy to the child. It is to be noted here that along with the increase in the DA of the employee father, the hostel subsidy of the child has also been increasing. Accordingly, if the DA of government employees increased, then the amount of education allowance and hostel subsidy also increased.

How much money did you get earlier

Later, the government employees raised the demand that the cost of education is increasing day by day, so the allowance should be increased. The employees also raised the demand that the method of taking reimbursement should be simplified. Keeping in view the cost of education, CEA made changes in the allowance and hostel subsidy, now every child will be given Rs 2,250 per month as education allowance. It will also increase if DA is increased. 6,750 per month per child will be given as hostel subsidy. If the DA of the employee increases, then the subsidy will also increase.

At present, CEA facility is given to the students up to class 12th. The employees are demanding that the allowance and subsidy should be increased to the graduate and post graduate level. However, there are some practical difficulties in meeting this demand as the pattern of education changes completely at the graduate level and beyond. This entire facility is given to the children of central government employees. In a government order, it has been said that those who have not claimed the allowance, they can claim and raise their money.

Allowance for two children

There are a lot of complaints from employees regarding reimbursement. Money for many years is not released or the employees are not able to claim. It has been advised that reimbursement should also be issued at the end of the financial year when the academic year also ends. Both the work will be done simultaneously. To take the money of education allowance and hostel subsidy, a certificate has to be submitted from the head of the educational institution. On this basis, fees and hostel expenses are claimed. Under the CEA scheme in the 7th Pay Commission, huge benefits are being given to the employees. At present, the benefit of allowance is being given to two children in a family. The condition is that the children are studying in a recognized school.

Take money after 2017

The government order states that those who have not taken the allowance since July 2017 can claim it. A benefit of Rs 2250 can be taken under CEA and Rs 6750 as hostel subsidy. If you add from 2017, then 4 years can be claimed till this year. This amount of CEA and hostel subsidy will be made around Rs 4 lakh. For this, the employee has to fill the claim form, along with the self-declaration form and the paper approved by the head of the educational institution and submit it to the DIAV located at Delhi Cantt. Keep in mind that the claim form has to be submitted only after the academic session is over. Arrears will also be available with the claim money.

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