If suppose you have fever, cold now, then should you get corona test done? what do doctors say

अगर मान लीजिए अभी बुखार, जुकाम है तो क्या आपको कोरोना टेस्ट करवाना चाहिए? क्या कहते हैं डॉक्टर्स

If you have come in contact with anyone, then you should definitely get COVID test done.

The cases of corona virus are decreasing continuously, but still the crisis of corona virus continues. On the other hand, due to the changing weather, people are also facing problems like fever, cold. In such a situation, people are confused when they have fever whether they do not have corona. Along with this, people are also at risk of dengue, viral etc. In such a situation, when there is a fever, people think whether they should get the corona test done or not.

So let’s know what doctors say on whether corona test should be done in case of fever at this time. According to the opinion of doctors, know when you need to get tested for corona virus?

On the official Twitter handle of All India Radio, information has been quoted from Lady Hardinge Hospital’s health specialist Dr Aparna Agarwal that if the patient has such a problem, then he can wait a bit. Doctor Aparna says, ‘In such a condition we can wait a little bit. Especially, if we are fully vaccinated then we can wait. But, if there is a smell or test effect, then definitely a test should be done and if there is a long fever, then definitely a test should be done.

Doctor Aparna says, ‘If we have come in contact with anyone or have traveled where we meet someone in the group, then you must get the COVID test done. Nowadays cases of dengue, malaria and flu are coming to the fore. In such a situation, having a fever does not mean that you have COVID. If you have not come in contact with anyone and have stayed at home, then there is more possibility of cause of fever related to mosquito. In such a situation, do not be afraid, but whenever there is shortness of breath, loss of samale-test or there is pain in the chest, then definitely get a test of COVID.

Is the country moving towards a corona free country?

Doctor Aparna says, ‘It would not be right to say this right now, because many people have not been vaccinated yet. Even children have not been vaccinated. The rest of the adults have taken a dose to a large extent, but we will not call them fully vaccinated. We will say this only when at least two weeks have passed since the second dose. Antibodies are decreasing in 6 months or 9 months of vaccination, but we can say whether immunity is decreasing or not.

The doctor said, ‘Only the time to come will tell whether a booster is needed or not, at present the time of the festival is such, in which if we do not take precautions, then the cases can increase. There are times when we have to be more careful.

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