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ICAR started climate friendly farming, farmers are being harmed like this due to climate change

ICAR started climate friendly agriculture

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Impact Of Climate Change In Agriculture: Although the effect of climate change is happening in all the areas, but in the field of agriculture, its wide-ranging consequences are coming to the fore. Especially in the coastal areas, due to this there has been a lot of damage to the crops. To deal with this, research on climate friendly farming is being done by ICAR.

The effect of climate change is beginning to be visible in other sectors including agriculture. Climate change in all regions (Climate Change) change can be felt. This has led to the cultivation of pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger and vegetables along with major crops like coconut, cashew, betel nut, banana, mango, pineapple grown on the western coast of the country.Vegetable Farming) is getting affected very badly. Climate change (Impact Of Climate ChangeFarmers including Goa have suffered huge losses due to the impact of This is the reason why many laboratories of ICAR now have Climate Resilient Agriculture.Climate Resilient Agriculture) research on development has begun. Significantly, the work of strategic research for conservation and sustainable use of the resources of agriculture and allied areas in the coastal areas is carried out at CCARI Goa.

Dr AR Desai, Principal Scientist, Horticulture at ICAR-CCARI, says that in general we were aware that the east coast of the country is vulnerable to cyclones, but in recent times, cyclonic activities are being seen on the west coast as well. There are many reasons like unseasonal rains, high variation in temperature fluctuations, increase in moisture due to which crops are getting damaged. Due to Goa also being on the sea coast, the weather here has also been affected equally. There are crops, fruits and spices under horticulture in these areas. Which is being badly affected due to climate change. Apart from this, these plants are getting affected by new pests and diseases which are damaging the crops and farmers are facing huge losses.

Disturbances in the pattern of mango sighting

According to the report of Herald Goa, he told that due to climate change, mango fruits have suffered a lot. It is a very sensitive crop. But due to early and prolonged rains, there is a disturbance in the pattern of mango sighting. Due to this the fruits are coming late and there are many varieties which are taking time to mature. He said that we are seeing such a pattern of rain now which should not happen. It has also rained in March, April and it is expected to rain in May also.

Monsoon expected to start early

He further told that this time it has been estimated that the regular monsoon will start a little earlier in the second fortnight of May instead of June 6. So there is an unexpected situation. The rainy season is about to end by September or October. But last year here we saw rain till January. This is a critical period for mango flowering as it must experience dry weather in late November and December so that it becomes stressed so that flowering begins. If there is moisture in the soil around that time, it will not flower. But only the vegetative will continue to give growth, causing disturbances in the flower pattern.

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Fruits and flowers getting affected due to high temperature difference

Flowering is delayed due to excessive rain. The situation is getting worse due to the fluctuating temperature. The day temperature in Goa is 33 to 34 degree Celsius and the night temperature is falling to 15 degree Celsius. This difference in maximum and minimum temperature is affecting the flowering and fruit set of mango. Due to this, the number of pests like fruit flies that attack the fruits is also increasing. Due to these reasons, the yield and quality of mango is getting adversely affected. Similarly in case of cashew, flowers dry up and excessive male flowers are produced, affecting the yield.

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