‘I don’t care, it’s not a big deal’ – Maneka Gandhi on being dropped from BJP executive

'मुझे कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता, ये कोई बड़ी बात नहीं'- बीजेपी कार्यकारिणी से नाम हटाए जाने पर बोलीं  मेनका गांधी

Maneka Gandhi has said that it does not make any difference to me on the removal of her name from the BJP executive.

On the removal of the name from the BJP Working Committee, Maneka Gandhi has said that it does not make any difference to me. Let us inform that recently the names of the members of the new executive have been announced. Maneka Gandhi and her son Varun Gandhi were not named in it. After which many kinds of speculations started being made. The removal of both from the executive was being seen as a link to Varun Gandhi’s pro-farmer statements. However, Maneka Gandhi dismissed these speculations outright in Sultanpur today.

Maneka Gandhi said in a conversation with the media in Sultanpur today that the executive body is changed. This is the right of the party. There is nothing to worry about in this. When Maneka Gandhi was asked about her name not being there in the new BJP executive, she said that it did not make any difference to her or anyone else. He made it clear that this is not a big deal.

‘Not having a name in the executive is not a big deal’

The BJP leader said that the executive body is changed every year. He said that she was part of the executive for 25 years, if it is changed now then what is the big deal in this. Maneka Gandhi said that new people should also get a chance. There is nothing to worry about in this. He told this to the media during his Sultanpur tour. It is not hidden from anyone that nowadays Varun Gandhi is giving anti-party statements. After the death of farmers in Lakhimpur Kheri, he had questioned the government by tweeting. Even before this, he has made many tweets in support of farmers. Varun Gandhi had advised the government to solve the problems of the farmers. BJP suddenly removed the names of Maneka and Varun from the executive. After which it is being linked to the recent statements of MP Varun Gandhi. But now Maneka Gandhi has clarified on this.

Varun Gandhi’s tweet in support of farmers

BJP MP Varun Gandhi had strongly criticized the incident in Lakhimpur Kheri. Varun Gandhi had tweeted a video of better quality during this time. In which it was told that what happened in Lakhimpur Kheri. Varun wrote through a tweet that the video is absolutely clear. Protesters cannot be silenced through murder. There should be accountability for the blood of innocent farmers and justice should be given before the message of arrogance and cruelty comes to the mind of every farmer.

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