‘I didn’t correct my family by telling boyfriend’s name’, after the threat of daughter’s friend, firing took place outside the house in the middle of the night, police registered an FIR

'मेरे घरवालों को बॉयफ्रेंड का नाम बताकर सही नहीं किया', बेटी की सहेली की धमकी के बाद आधी रात को घर के बाहर हुई फायरिंग, पुलिस ने दर्ज की FIR

Victims say that they are being targeted for telling the truth about her boyfriend to the family of the daughter’s friend. He has expressed suspicion of firing on the boy.

Revealing the name of the boyfriend of a daughter’s friend in Gwalior cost a family dearly. There was firing outside his house at midnight.

Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh)Gwalior Crime News) A surprising case has come to the fore. Revealing the name of the boyfriend of the daughter’s friend cost a family. At midnight, some unknown opened fire outside his house. Along with this there was also abuse. The family alleges that the daughter’s friend’s family is being targeted for telling the truth about her boyfriend. The victim’s family has expressed suspicion of firing on the boyfriend of the daughter’s friend.

This firing incident is from Narayan Vihar Colony. The police was immediately informed about the firing. The police have registered a case against the unknown person on the complaint of the victim’s family. At the same time, the search for the attackers has been intensified. Police is trying to identify the accused from the CCTV installed in the area. In the complaint given to the police, a woman named Guddi Devi said that her daughter studies in class 10th. Her friend had taken her to meet her boyfriend on the pretext of coaching.

Truth told to the family of daughter’s friend

Guddi Devi told that when her daughter did not return home on time, on reaching coaching, she came to know that the daughter had not gone there. On returning home, he strictly interrogated the daughter. After which the 10th student revealed that her friend had taken her to meet boyfriend Ajay. After which the angry family went to the daughter’s friend’s house and told the whole truth to her family. There was a stir after this revelation. The family had also thrashed the girl.

‘Didn’t correct by mentioning boyfriend’s name’

Guddi Devi says that the daughter’s friend threatened her and said that she did not do right by telling the family the name of the boyfriend. On the very next night of the threat, two boys started firing outside his house. Along with this, abuses were also given to the family. Now Guddi Devi is suspecting her daughter’s boyfriend Ajay of firing.

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