How is the cultivation of fenugreek done, from good quality to the right way of sowing, know everything

कैसे होती है मेथी के खेती, अच्छी किस्म से लेकर बुवाई का सही तरीका, जानिए सब कुछ

Methi Grass Seeds

Fenugreek is also a spice category crop. In India, its leaves are consumed as a vegetable, while its seeds are used in spices. This can prove to be a profitable deal for the farmers who are thinking of doing farming away from tradition. In this news we will know everything about fenugreek cultivation.

Crop production

Manures and Fertilizers: 8-10 ton per hectare decomposed cow dung or compost should be mixed well in the field one month before sowing. 40 kg nitrogen, 30 to 40 kg phosphate and 20 kg potash. Half quantity of Nitrogen and full quantity of Phosphorus and Potash should be mixed in the field at the time of last plowing and remaining quantity should be given 30 to 60 days after sowing in the form of dopdressing with irrigation.

Irrigation: 4 to 5 irrigations should be done at an interval of 15 to 20 days according to the weather and soil.

weed control: Spraying of Oxidiargyl after sowing and before seed germination should be done at the rate of 75 grams per hectare and weeding should be done after 45 days of sowing.

Production : 15 -20 quintal per hectare grain and 70-80 quintal per hectare leaves.

crop protection

Shadow Disease: 20 to 25 kg of sulfur powder should be sprinkled on the standing crop or 0.2 percent soaking sulfur should be sprayed.

Mahu or Aphid: Spraying of Dimethoate 0.03 percent and Imdachlorfide 0.003 percent should be done.

Tulacit disease: Spraying of 0.2 percent copper oxy chloride or 0.1 percent solution of hexaconazole should be done according to the stage of the disease.

Leaf spot disease: Spraying of Mancozeb 0.2 percent or Carbendazim 0.1 percent solution should be done according to the stage of the disease.

crop improvement

Suitable Climate: Tropical and temperate climate has been found suitable for this crop.

Soil Selection: Loamy, medium to heavy and loamy and well drained soils with pH value of 6-7 are suitable for this crop.

Seed Advanced: Species Ajmer Phenugrik-1, Ajmer Phenugrik-2, Ajmer Phenugrik-3, RMT-143, RMT-305, Rajander Kranti, Kasuri Manthi etc.

Time of sowing: Mid October to mid November.

Seed Rate: 20-25 kg seed per hectare of plain fenugreek and 10-12 kg seed per hectare of Kusari fenugreek.

Seed Treatment: Fenugreek seeds should be treated with biofertilizer containing bacteria called Rhizobium melilotai, with Carbendazim or Thyrem 2.0 gm/kg of seed or Trichoderma 6 gm/kg of seed.

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