How good is it to wear socks with shoes? If you also have this habit then definitely keep this in mind.

जूते के साथ मोजे पहनना कितना सही? अगर आपकी भी है ये आदत तो जरूर ध्यान रखें

If you also wear socks before wearing shoes and wear shoes with socks throughout the day, then you should keep in mind whether it is beneficial for your health or not.

If you are wearing socks along with shoes, then this is a profitable deal for you.

Often people wear socks before wearing shoes and it is said that it is a good habit to do so. But, many people have a habit of wearing shoes without socks or socks and they keep many points in support of it. Whether you wear shoes with socks or wear shoes without socks, then you should know in both the cases which way of wearing shoes is more correct.

In such a situation, today we are telling you how you should wear shoes at what time and what are its benefits. Knowing about their benefits, you can understand that what is right for your health?

What kind of shoes should be worn?

If you are wearing shoes with socks then you are following the right practice. You should always wear socks with shoes, because doing so is very beneficial for your body. Actually, it is said that your feet are among those parts of the body, where there is more sweating. Because of this, wearing shoes makes sweating even more and socks work to dry these sweats, due to which your sweat does not retain.

What are the benefits?

Wearing socks saves you from many types of bacteria and you do not have any problem. Also, it does not cause any fungal or bacterial infection and you keep the health of your feet fine. Not only this, socks have many benefits. Wearing socks avoids rubbing your feet directly with the shoe, so that there are no blisters in the feet and problems like tingling are also avoided. No matter how thin the socks are, they act as a pad for your feet and provide cushioning for the feet, which gives comfort to the feet and does not cause problems like blisters.

Is it beneficial in winter too?

Socks are very beneficial not only with sweat in summer, but also in winter. Wearing socks gives you relief from cold and keeps your feet warm. Therefore, whether it is summer or winter, you must wear socks. While it’s a good idea to wear socks with closed shoes whenever possible, it’s okay to go without socks in the hot summer months. Like when you wear sandals etc., you can go out even without socks.

What are the things to keep in mind?

By the way, along with wearing socks, you should also take care of many things related to socks. Like washing at this time to the quality of socks etc. is included. You change it from time to time and if you are wearing socks for a long time, then keep your feet in the open air for some time and give rest to the feet and socks. Always take stockings of good material. Instead of buying socks made of synthetic material, buy cotton socks, they will cause less damage. If there are red marks on the ankles or feet while taking off the stocking, then loosen the stocking or take a new one.

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