How do you get property worth crores from the homes of government employees?

सरकारी कर्मचारियों के घरों से कैसे मिलती है करोड़ों की संपत्ति?

Heavy recovery is made from truck drivers. (signal picture)

Thieves had entered the Deputy Collector’s house in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh. The Deputy Collector had locked the house and went out. The thieves did not find anything even after searching the entire house. When the thieves became disheartened, they wrote a note to the Deputy Collector. In the note, the thieves wrote that when there was no money, the collector did not have to lock it. However, the thieves did not leave empty handed. On the way, he took a ring, silver anklet, 30 thousand cash and some coins from the Deputy Collector’s house, but he did not get as much money as he expected.

Of course, the thieves did not get money in the house of SDM Saheb, but it is the case of some government departments of Madhya Pradesh that when one of his employees was raided, he turned out to be a millionaire. This incident is not one time, it has happened many times. In the same year, on 9 July 2021, a raid was conducted at the house of a government engineer in Gwalior. 4 crore bungalow, 5 kg silver, 3.5 lakh rupees were found in this raid.

On May 2021, a raid was conducted at the house of a clerk from Madhya Pradesh in Bhopal. In this raid, many properties including 1 note counting machine, 3 crore rupees were revealed. On March 2021, the house of a government teacher was raided in Betul. This government teacher turned out to be the owner of assets worth more than 5 crores. In February 2021, the Sitpura Assistant Committee Manager was raided. In this raid, assets worth more than 2 crores, 3 lakhs in cash were found. These are few cases which expose the black money of some government employees in Madhya Pradesh.

Truck drivers across the country pay a bribe of Rs 48,000 crore annually

By the way, this is the condition of the whole country, you will be surprised to know that truck drivers across the country give bribe of 48,000 crores annually. 82 percent of truck drivers pay a bribe to walk on the road. Truck drivers have to pay an average bribe of Rs 1,257 during each trip. According to a study, Guwahati has the highest recovery from truck divers. He stood first with 97.5 percent. 89 percent of truck drivers passing through Chennai had to pay bribes.

In the capital Delhi also 84.4 percent of the truck drivers had to work by paying bribe. This is just a study. Here we only gave you information about the recovery from truck drivers. If we talk about other sectors together, then this amount will be of lakhs and crores. In a survey conducted by CMS-ICS, it was revealed that in 2017 bribes of 6,350 crore were given to 10 departments for government work on behalf of the common man, the government departments which collected bribes include PDS, Health, School, Electricity, Water Supply, Housing. , Police, Banking, Justice Department, Tax Department are included. It is only a matter of 10 departments, which the common man always has to deal with. However, it is a matter of relief that in 2017 people had paid less bribe than in 2005. In 2005, a bribe of 20 thousand 500 crore was recovered.

The number of bribe givers increased by 11 percent in the year 2018

Let us inform you about another survey Transparency International India and LocalCircles in one of their surveys in 2018 said that in 2017 45 percent of the people gave bribe. In 2018, 56 percent of the people gave bribe. The number of bribe givers increased by 11 percent in 2018. Those who gave the bribe said that by giving money, their work was done quickly and time was saved.

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