How CSR money will be spent on agriculture and rural development, experts brainstormed

कृषि एवं ग्रामीण विकास पर कैसे लगेगा सीएसआर का पैसा, विशेषज्ञों ने किया मंथन

Experts present in the seminar organized in Irma.

A workshop on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was organized in association with CNRI at the Institute of Rural Management (IRMA), Anand. Stakeholders present in it stressed on investing CSR money in agriculture and rural development. For this, a change in the current rules was advocated. In this, Union Minister of State for Planning Rao Inderjit Singh Virtual was present as the chief guest.

Rao said that in the last few years, the list of institutions doing good work, small and big, is available in the Darpan portal of the Ministry of Planning. Small and medium startups can be started by building capacity through the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs of these institutions. Due to which lakhs of jobs will be created. The changes that need to be made in the direction of utilizing the money available in CSR will be considered.

Country’s development incomplete without rural development

On this occasion, Dr. Umakanta Das, Director, IRMA urged the Chairman of Confederation of NGO of India (CNRI) Dr. Mohan Kanda that the foundation stone of a strong rural economy can be laid jointly through civil society.

National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) Chairman Minesh Shah welcomed the formation of the cooperative ministry and said that the development of the country is incomplete without rural development. Let all the people together create such an environment that the cooperative movement can set new dimensions in the 21st century.

Big changes needed in the culture of packs

Dr. KK Tripathi, OSD, Co-operative Ministry said that such changes should be made in the regulation of CSR which can achieve the goals of Cooperative 2.0. For this a major change is needed in the culture of packs. A model common service center should be set up to promote the goals of cooperative by utilizing the resources of CSR, in which everyone can participate.

Irma Cnri Csr

Experts present at Panel Discussion on CSR at Irma.

Emphasis on promoting startups

Irma’s Associate Professor Dr. Rakesh Arawatia stressed on the coordination of all stakeholders to promote startups in agriculture and rural economy through ICED (Incubator for Social Enterprises and Entrepreneurs for Development).

On the other hand, Dr. Hema Yadav, Director of Vaikunth Mehta National Institute of Co-operative Management (Vamnicom), said that there is a need to unite all the aspects related to CRR to connect with the market.

CSR rules need to be changed

CNRI General Secretary Binod Anand said that the resources of CSR should be utilized for the upliftment of economically emerging states and not for the developed states. For this, there is a dire need to change the rules of CSR. Only then the dream of Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat will come true.

Most of the CSR money is being spent in Maharashtra and Karnataka due to some technical reasons, while many backward states are deprived of it. About one lakh crore rupees have come from CSR in five years, but very little of it has been spent on rural and agricultural development. While this is the time to focus on this area.

Corporate social partnership needed

Kadamkunj Chairman Gaurav Gupta said that instead of Corporate Social Responsibility, there is a need for Corporate Social Partnership. On this occasion, VanRai President Ravindra Dharia, Sankasa Foundation Chairman Vinita Hariharan, Livehood Alternatives President Sambit Tripathi, Caspian Director Ragini Bajaj Choudhary, Vaminicom Professor Manisha Paliwal, CNRI’s Khushi Aaradhya and JNU Associate Professor Sudhir Suthar were among many others. be present. Dhanuka’s chairman RG Agarwal joined the seminar in a virtual way.

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