‘Hindu temples should be out of government’s control’ MP Pragya Thakur protested and said that the donation money going to the minorities

'सरकार के नियंत्रण से बाहर हों हिंदू मंदिर' सांसद प्रज्ञा ठाकुर ने विरोध जताते हुए कहा कि अल्पसंख्यकों के पास जा रहा दान का पैसा

BJP MP Sadhvi Pragya Thakur has expressed strong protest against the government’s occupation of Hindu temples.

BJP MP Sadhvi Pragya Thakur has strongly protested against the government’s occupation of Hindu temples. He has given a big statement on this. MP Pragya has made a big allegation that the money of Hindu temples goes to the heretics. They say that the money of big Hindu temples is spent on minorities. MP Pragya Thakur says that Hindu temples are occupied by the government. These temples should be free from patronage from the government.

MP Pragya Thakur has opposed the government’s occupation and protection of Hindu temples. They demand that the temples of Hindu religion should be free from the patronage of the government. They say that Hindus can protect their religion and their religious places on their own. He will also develop the temples himself. He alleges that temple money is spent on going to minorities.

‘Hindu temples should be free from government occupation’

Pragya Thakur said that the Bharat Bhakti Akhara built during the Prayagraj Kumbh would agitate to free the temples from the government’s control. They say that the religious places of Hindus remain under the control of the government through district collectors. The collector is the chairman of the temple committees, he alleges that the money donated to big temples is going to the minorities and heretics.

‘Donation money being spent on minorities’

Bhopal MP Pragya Thakur said this statement at the inauguration of the office of Bharat Shakti Akhara. He says that this akhara will oppose the government occupation of temples. He says that through the movement the government will be forced to de-control the temples. He says that the Hindu himself will protect the temples. The money donated will be spent on the development of temples.

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