Hello CM sir! Please take the bull, people in Madhya Pradesh appealed to Shivraj Singh, know what is the whole matter

हेलो CM साहब! प्लीज सांड को ले जाइए, मध्य प्रदेश में लोगों ने शिवराज सिंह से लगाई गुहार, जानें क्या है पूरा मामला

Stray bull is entering people’s houses.

A stray bull has become a crisis for the people in Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh. In the Kolaras town of the district, this bull has created panic, the bull is breaking into people’s houses, causing danger to the lives of the people. The situation is such that neither the Nagar Panchayat is able to get rid of the people from this nor are these people themselves able to drive away the bull. To get rid of the bull, the people of the town have finally appealed to the Chief Minister’s CM helpline 181 to get rid of the stray bull.

The condition of this bull has become such that now it enters any person’s house and shop and harms them by creating terror. If people try to drive it away, then it does not hold back from attacking them. Therefore this bull can injure anyone at any time. In such a situation, people say that the Nagar Panchayat will have to take some step to remove it soon. Otherwise the situation can become serious.

Bull comes back even after being released twice

In this matter, when the city panchayat CMO Mahesh Chandra Jataw was talked to, he says that the people of the town have imposed three 181 regarding stray bulls. We have also got the bull released out twice but he came back to town. We make arrangements to get him released somewhere very soon.

The bull started resting in the bedroom

A few months ago, a strange incident related to a single bull had come to light in Rewa city of Madhya Pradesh. Here suddenly a bull entered the house of a family and reached the third floor of the house through the stairs. And sitting in the bedroom started relaxing. After which the people living in the house were scared after seeing this situation. After which the bull was shown the way out after hours of effort with the help of local people.

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