Have seen such a special menu of wedding feast, food will be served to the guests according to the price of the gift

शादी की दावत का ऐसा स्पेशल मेन्य देखा है कहीं, गिफ्ट की कीमत के हिसाब से मेहमानों को परोसा जाएगा खाना

In fact, everyone’s wedding is special in itself. But sometimes some people do some strange things to make their weddings special, which is being discussed everywhere. These days a bride and groom sent such a menu of wedding feast to their guests, which everyone was stunned to see.

It is clearly written in this note that food will be served to the guests according to the value of the gift.

In the life of every person, his wedding day is the most important. Therefore, all kinds of arrangements are made to make this day memorable. At the same time, the thing that the guests attending weddings look forward to the most is the feast. There are some people who go to the wedding just to have food and many do not even know whose marriage is. For such people, a bride and groom have made special arrangements for the wedding. Which is becoming very viral on social media.

There is a lot of discussion about a note on reddit in which the wedding menu has been written. But it is also written in it that the guests can get the menu only when they reach their wedding with gifts according to that menu. It is clearly written in this note that food will be served to the guests according to the value of the gift. Looking at this note, it can be guessed that this is the menu card of a foreign wedding. However, nothing can be said with certainty about this note.

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Let us tell you that the gift is divided into 4 different categories. From this people have been asked to choose their choice. In which the first category is of loving gifts. This category includes those gifts which are up to $ 250 i.e. 18 thousand rupees. Anyone who brings a gift of up to $ 250 will get to eat roasted chicken and sword fish. The name of the second category is Silver Gift. In this, gifts ranging from $ 251 to $ 500 have been kept. Apart from Roasted Chicken and Sword Fish, people of this category will also have the option of Sliced ​​Steak and Poached Salmon.

While the third category in this is Golden Gift. This category will include gifts ranging from $ 501 to $ 1000. Filet Mignon and Lobster Tails have also been included in this category along with the first and second categories. The fourth and last category is platinum gifts. This includes gifts ranging from $1001 to $2500. In this, along with the earlier three categories – another variant of the lobster dish, and champagne will be available to drink. Whereas vegetarian guests have been kept in platinum gifts only.

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