Grapes Farming: When and how to cultivate the world famous grapes of Maharashtra? Know all the important things related to it

Grapes Farming: कब और कैसे करें महाराष्ट्र के विश्व प्रसिद्ध अंगूर की खेती? जानिए इससे जुड़ी सभी जरूरी बातें

Maharashtra has the highest cultivation of grapes.

Grapes farming is being done commercially in India for the last about six decades and now grape farming is on a great progress as the most important horticultural enterprise from the economic point of view. The cultivation method of grapes is quite different and many methods are used to protect it from fertilizers to pests. Although grapes are cultivated in many parts of the country, but Nashik district of Maharashtra is the most perfect place for grape cultivation. So much grapes are cultivated in Nashik that it is believed that 70 percent of the country’s grapes are grown in Nashik itself.

Selection of suitable land for cultivation of grapes?

Cultivation or gardening of grapes can be done in almost every type of soil. Grapes have a long root structure and strong deposit, so it thrives well in stony, sandy to smooth and shallow as well as deep soils. If the drainage is good, then grapes can be cultivated even in sandy loamy soil.

How to plant a grape plant – pit preparation?

Preparation of pit for grape horticulture- The pit is prepared by digging about 50*50*50 cm size and leaving it open for a week. While planting grapes, pits are filled with rotted manure (15-18 kg), 250 g neem cake cake, 50 g super phosphate and 100 g potassium sulphate per pit.

Quantity of manure in grape cultivation?

Grapes crop needs many types of nutrients, so use manure in regular and balanced amount. In this farming, mainly manure is given by making pits in the roots and it is covered with soil. To protect the grape vine from disease-pests, mainly spray the medicine or put some medicine in the root.

How to irrigate grapes?

Grapes are cultivated in the semi-arid regions of the country, so irrigation is required from time to time in this cultivation. To maintain sufficient moisture in the grape crop, do one irrigation in 7-8 days and the farmer brothers should irrigate as per the season. Most of the farmers in the country nowadays use drip irrigation (drop-drop irrigation system) in the grape crop, which has many benefits.

Keep these things in mind while harvesting

When pruning after harvest, keep the fruits at 4.4 degree temperature for 6 -7 hours. So that they remain a little cold and keep their freshness for a long time and they do not get spoiled.

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