Government will open 100 government and private schools affiliated to Sainik Schools across the country, education will start from 2022

देशभर में सैनिक स्कूलों से जुड़े 100 सरकारी और निजी स्कूल खोलेगी सरकार, 2022 से शुरू होगी पढ़ाई

Sainik School

The government is going to open 100 new government and private schools in the country. Approval has been received from the Union Cabinet for this. Sainik Schools are established under the Ministry of Defence. At present, 33 Sainik Schools run in the country, but in view of the better quality of education, preparations are on to open more Sainik Schools. The government has also given its approval. New Sainik Schools will be opened with government and private partnership and the academic session of 2022-23 will start in it.

The government wants that education should be given to the children according to the New Education Policy (NEP) in the country. Sainik schools can play a big role in this. In view of this, 100 new Sainik Schools will be opened across the country. These new schools will be government and private, but their direct relationship will be Sainik School running under the Ministry of Defense. That is, whatever new soldiers will open, even if they open with private participation, but they will be operated through Sainik School only. The course pattern will be the same as in Sainik Schools. All these new schools will be affiliated from Sainik School itself. In the first phase, the help of states, NGOs and private partners will be taken to open 100 schools.

Union cabinet approved

The Union Cabinet has approved the proposal to launch affiliated schools from Sainik Schools Society. Indeed, Sainik Schools have not only imparted value based quality education but have also prepared children in military leadership, administrative services, judicial services and other fields like science, technology, entrepreneurship. Once a student is admitted to Sainik School, it is believed that his success is certain. This is the reason why the demand for opening more number of new Sainik Schools has always been increasing. At present, there are 33 Sainik Schools across the country in which it has been decided to set up 100 new affiliated Sainik Schools.

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It has been told by the Ministry of Defense that under the first process of opening this school, proposals will be invited from government, private schools and NGOs to be affiliated with Sainik School Society. Interested and eligible persons can submit their applications at If you want more information related to admission, then you can get it by clicking on this link. By clicking on this link, the official website of Sainik School opens. Information about admission and eligibility etc. can be obtained from here.

when will study start

With this scheme, children will get education in Sainik School environment and new abilities will be developed in them. Around 5,000 students are expected to take admission in Class-VI of 100 such affiliated schools from the beginning of the academic year 2022-23. The existing 33 Sainik Schools have a capacity to admit about 3,000 students in Class-VI. The students of these 100 schools affiliated to Sainik Schools will be educated with life skill skills so that they will perform well in their selected fields. Thus the aim of these schools is to give the first priority to the national objectives and on the basis of this, develop the youth of self-confidence, high skill, and patriotism while inculcating leadership qualities.

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