Government getting unstable in Congress ruled states! Taking a jibe, Gehlot said – ‘Rajasthan will run for five years’

दो अक्टूबर से राजस्थान में शुरू होगा ‘प्रशासन गांवों के संग अभियान’, CM गहलोत ने कहा- आम लोगों की समस्याओं का मौके पर हो निस्तारण

Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot. (file photo)

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Saturday expressed confidence that the current government headed by him will complete the five-year term and Congress will form the government in the state next time also. Gehlot was formally launching the campaign at the Chief Minister’s residence with the administration villages and cities. Taking a jibe at the media speculations about the government in the Congress-ruled states of Punjab, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan, Gehlot said, “Be rest assured, this government (Congress-led state government) will last for a full five years and the next time also the Congress in the state.” Only the government will come.

Pointing to Shanti Dhariwal, the Minister of Autonomous Government sitting on the stage, he said in a light-hearted manner, “This government will not run for five years, next time the government will be formed again and I will make Dhariwal ji again a minister of this ministry.” Gehlot, who attended a public program after a long time, said that the public has fully supported the government’s call during the corona virus epidemic and the conduct of Rajasthan Teacher Eligibility Test (REET).

He said, “There is no anti-incumbency wave here so far, people say that. The rest will be known only after the elections are held.’ ‘Nothing is going to happen to me now. Now 15-20 years nothing is going to happen to me. Now whoever wants to be sad, he is sad, it is not about me. Nothing will happen to me.”

Said this to Mohan Bhagwat and Prime Minister Modi…

Gehlot, who attended a public event after a long time, said that writing against the Congress and creating stories against its Chief Ministers is the compulsion of a section of the media. Along with this, Gehlot said that after 60 years, if the people who adopted Mahatma Gandhi for political interests also adopt his ideas, then many problems will end. He said, ‘On this occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, I would like to say to Mohan Bhagwat, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah from the bottom of my heart that if you have adopted Gandhi, then please at least now, the same truth, non-violence and religion inside the heart. There should be a sense of neutrality.

Gehlot said, ‘If they adopt Gandhi with their heart, then half of the problems which have arisen in the name of nationalism, Hindutva, religion and love jihad will end themselves. If you adopt Gandhi by heart, your feelings will be the same. The Chief Minister said, ‘We are dedicated for the unemployed, for the farmers, for the laborers, for the students, for the youth. Our government is completely dedicated to public welfare works. We have no personal agenda. This I assure you. We want to work in the same manner.

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