Girija Devi Temple: In the middle of the river is the holy abode of Mother Girija, where once lions used to circumambulate.

Girija Devi Temple : नदी के बीचों-बीच है मां गिरिजा का पावन धाम, जहां कभी शेर किया करते थे परिक्रमा

Mother Girija’s holy abode is on a small mound

In the beautiful plains of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand is the holy abode of Mother Girija Devi. This divine temple of the goddess is situated in Sunderkhal village, about 15 km from Ramnagar tehsil headquarters of Nainital district, which is built on a very small mound. This temple of Mata is just 10 km away from Corbett National Park. This temple of Mata Parvati, built in the middle of the Kosi river in the lush green forests, is known by the local people as the temple of Garjiya Mata. Devotees have to climb 90 steps to reach Mata’s court to see the mother. Since it is built on a very small hill, only one devotee can climb up these straight climbing stairs at a time.

Once the lions used to circumambulate the temple

Being the daughter of Giriraj Himalaya, Goddess Parvati is also called Girija. In this way, Garjiya is a defect of Mata Girija. However, people also believe about this temple amidst the lush green forests that once the lions used to come here and roam around the temple of the mother and roar. From that time people started calling it by the name of the temple of Garjiya Mata.

Bhagwati stayed on the request of Lord Bhairav

This temple of Mata Girija is full of miracles. It is believed that the mound on which this temple of Mata is built, once separated from a mountain section, came here while flowing. Seeing the temple flowing along the mound, Lord Bhairav ​​had said “Thi Rau, Baina Thi Rau” meaning ‘Stay, stay sister’ to stop it. It is believed that after accepting the request of Lord Bhairav, the mother has been residing here with him since then. It is believed that the holy idol of the mother was found during the excavation here. The temple of Lord Bhairav ​​is also built just below this holy abode of Mata. It is believed that the worship of the mother is completed only after having darshan of Lord Bhairav. Special khichdi prasad is offered to Lord Bhairon here.

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(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)


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