Garuda Purana: These 6 habits increase the problem in life, it is better to remove them

Garuda Purana : मृत्यु के समय किन लोगों को झेलना पड़ता है कष्ट, जानिए मौत से जुड़ी रहस्यमयी बातें !

Garuda Purana

Any book is meant to improve the life of a person and to lead him on the path of Dharma. Garuda Purana is also one of such religious texts. It is called Mahapuran because it describes the situations of people from birth to death and even after death. Along with this, it has also been clarified that what kind of action is considered as a sin and which is considered a virtue. What is the condition of a person after death due to what kind of karma?

The purpose of all these things is only that a person should understand the difference between right and wrong and do those actions which lead him towards salvation. By following the things mentioned in Garuda Purana, a person can save his life from all the troubles. Know here about those 6 habits which only work to increase the problem for the person.


In the Garuda Purana, anxiety is described as a pyre, which makes a person hollow from inside. Worrying can’t change anything. If you really want to change the situation, then think, solve the problem and do your work.


The more you are afraid of something, the more that thing will scare you. So face the fear and solve the problems of life without fear.


There is nothing left in the life of a jealous person except remorse. The person who is jealous, is unable to do anything for himself, is always jealous of the success of others and does wrong things to humiliate them.


Anger is said to be the worst enemy of a person because at the time of anger the mind of a person gets corrupted. In such a situation, he can never take any decision properly. Therefore, one should always try to keep his mind cool.


No matter how intelligent you are, but if you get into the dirty habit of laziness, then you waste your precious time. In such a situation, not only do your dreams get shattered, but it also affects your health.

negative thinking

Negative thinking does not allow a person to flourish. If you really want to complete any work successfully, then you have to make your thinking positive. If you keep negative thinking then everything will look wrong. In such a situation, you will become the cause of your own problems.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)

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