Ganesh Utsav 2021: Before the end of Ganesh Utsav, do the great remedy for worshiping Ganapati with these mantras

Ganesh Utsav 2021 : गणेश उत्सव खत्म होने से पहले इन मंत्रों से कर लें गणपति की पूजा का महाउपाय

In the Sanatan tradition, the sadhna of the giver of Riddhi-Siddhi is very auspicious and fruitful. To remove the sorrows related to life and to get all kinds of happiness and success, by which mantras of Ganapati should be worshiped, read this article to know.

Celebrate Ganpati with mantras

Devadhidev Ganapati, who is pleased only by Durva, is going to remove all the troubles and obstacles of his devotees. A seeker who does Ganapati’s sadhna never gets sad or disappointed in life because Gajanan removes all the obstacles in his life in the blink of an eye. Ganpati festival is going on these days. In such a situation, by chanting or reciting some special mantras in the worship of Ganapati, you can get his special grace. Let us know that the special mantras used in the worship of Ganapati.

Mantra to bow to Ganpati

Om Namaste Ganapatiye. Tvameva Pratyaksham Tattvamasi. Tvameva only kartatrasi. त्वमेव केवलं धर्ता⁇ सि ।। Tvamev kevalam hartatrasi. Tvameva Sarva Khalvidam Brahmasi. त्वं साक्षादात्मा⁇ सि नित्यम् ।।

Meaning: Oh Omkareshwar Ganesh! I greet you You are the direct element i.e. Brahman. Only you are the creator, only you are the sustainer, you are the destroyer of the universe, you are the Supreme Brahman and only you are the apparent imperishable soul.

ganesh tantric mantra

Ganesh Tantric Mantra is a very surefire way to get the blessings of Ganapati. By chanting this mantra, all kinds of obstacles are removed and happiness and prosperity are attained in life.

ॐ Gloom Gauri son Vakratund, Ganapati Guru Ganesh.
Gloom Ganapati, Riddhi Pati, Siddhi Pati. My tax away tribulation.

Ganesh Gayatri Mantra

Ganesh Gayatri Mantra is specially used in the worship-worship of Ganapati. By chanting this mantra 108 times every day, all the wishes are fulfilled. Various Gayatri-Mantras of Shri Ganesh ji are as follows –

1. “Om Lambodaraya Vidmahe Mahodaray Dhimahi. Tanno danti prachodayat.”
2. “Om Mahotkataya Vidmahe Vakratundaya Dhimahi. Tanno danti prachodayat. ”
3. “Om ekdantaya vidmahe vakratundaya dhimahi. Tanno danti prachodayat. ”
4. “Om Tatkaratay Vidmahe Hastimukhai Dheemah. Tanno danti prachodayat.”
5. “Om tatpurushay vidmahe vakratundaya dhimahi. Tanno danti prachodayat. ”

Chant this mantra of Ganpati for protection

अव त्वं माम् ।। अव वक्तारम् ।। Now listeners. Now donors. अव धतारम् ।। अव अनूचानम् अव शिष्यम् ।। Now after अव पुरस्तात् ।। Now answer. Now to the south. अव उर्ध्वात् ।। अव अधारात् ।। Sarvato mam pahi mam, pahi samantat.

Meaning: Protect me. Protect the speaker, the listener, the giver and the wearer, and the teacher, the giver of knowledge, and the disciple who receives the knowledge. Protect me and all of us from all sides – west, east, north and south and up and down.

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(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)


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