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Forest Department sent notice to 75 people, bulldozer will run if the land is not vacated; Illegal occupation of 25 thousand bighas of government land

Illegal occupation of valuable lands.

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Etawah Forest Department DFO Atul Kant Shukla said that the encroachment has been done in a temporary manner. The department has also sent notices to the occupants. It is our best effort that those people cannot do the next crop on that land.

Etawah district of Uttar Pradesh (Etawah Forest Department) In various places, people have illegally occupied the lands and ponds of Forest Department, PWD Chambal Century, Irrigation Department, Municipality, Nagar Panchayat, Village Society. Now Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to get them free (CM Yogi Adityanath) bulldozer of (Bulldozer Baba) is going to walk. In this, the mafia has captured about 25 thousand bighas of land. However, to a large extent the land has been freed from possession. But there are still many people who have occupied the land. In this episode, the administration has issued notices to 75 people. At the same time, the Forest Department has now started the campaign to get its land cleared.

Preparation to free government lands

In Yogi Sarkar 2.0, a lot of land has been liberated by having bulldozers run on the occupants of illegal lands. At the same time, the Forest Department in Etawah has also made preparations to get its land free from possession and has sent notices from door to door. There is a clear instruction in this that those who do not vacate the land, they will definitely be bulldozers. People are cultivating or illegally occupying about 1900 hectares of forest land by building houses. Which the department has got rid of possession to a large extent, the rest have also been identified.

Bulldozers will run on illegal occupations

Paperwork has been started to make this also free from possession. In this episode, the Forest Department has once again issued a notice against 75 people. All of them have been asked to leave the land. Along with this, it has been warned that if they do not do this, then the forest department will get the land free from possession by running a bulldozer with the help of the district administration.

Forest Department land siege

In this regard, Atul Kant Shukla, DFO of the Forest Department said that the encroachment has been done in a temporary manner. The department has also sent notices to the occupants. It is our best effort that those people cannot do the next crop on that land. It is the policy of the government that there should be no interference or occupation of state land. For this, the district administration and the forest department are working together. He told that there are many sensitive tehsils of this district. In which budget has been sought from the government for Takha Saifai, so that siege can be done on the forest department’s land.

Will develop Ramsar Wetland: DFO

DFO Atul Kant Shukla said that Sarsai Navar of Etawah district is being developed in the name of Ramsar wetland site. The state bird stork which is found a lot on this land. This wetland is spread over an area of ​​161.27 hectares. In which about 94 hectares of village society and about 65 hectares are of farmers’ land. At the same time, 3.14 hectares of land is with the Forest Department, which is in our possession. A demand has been made from the government that by constructing a boundary wall or a security trench on the land of the village society, it should be taken over. He told that the Ramsar site will be brought in its natural form. Farmers are also getting a lot of cooperation in this. He wants this area to develop. The way Lion Safari is recognized, in the same way the lake of Sarsai Navar can also be identified. Those who have occupied this land have also been issued notices and further action is on.

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Illegal encroachment on valuable lands

Forest Rangers Vivekanand Dubey told that there are Nagla Bhage and Rudauli villages of Koita village in Takha tehsil, where the lands have been identified. Eviction proceedings under Section 61 of the IPC 1927 Forest Act against 75 people have been started with the Director-in-Charge. It is likely that the process of getting the forest land free from encroachment will start as soon as possible. He told that even the land of pasture has been illegally occupied by the local people. Houses have also been built on this land. Farming is being done on what is vacant. Apart from this, people have also illegally occupied valuable lands of Nagar Panchayat, Municipality, PWD, Irrigation Department.

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