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Flirting will not stop putting boys in jail, will prevent them from making them good men

The truth is that boys also used to molest girls under the influence and pressure of the bus group. He himself did not even know that when a boy teases a girl, the girl’s school is closed, her studies are stopped.

When his conscience of man rebukes him that he has done something wrong and he burns in the fire of repentance, that self-sacrifice is the greatest punishment for him.

– Fyodor Dostoevsky, (Crime and Punishment)

Should a twenty-year-old boy be sentenced to one year of rigorous imprisonment because he blinked and whistled while looking at a 14-year-old girl? This is just a question.

The same question was also in front of Mumbai’s Poxo (Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses) court. The boy was 20 years old and the girl’s 14. The boy would often whistle, look at the girl or give a flying kiss. Once when the girl was with her sister, the boy did it again. The girl’s mother first rebuked the boy for doing this, then when the same incident happened again, the mother went to the LT Marg police station and filed a complaint against the boy.

Since the girl was a minor, the case was made up of poxos. The police also took immediate action in the case. An FIR and a charge sheet were filed against the boy. The case reached the poxo court.

This is the matter of 29th of February last year. In March, the police arrested him and put him in jail and since then he is in jail.

The Poxo court considered the case as sexual exploitation or sexual harassment of the girl, and the boy was sentenced to one year rigorous imprisonment and a fine of Rs 15 thousand. Sentenced to fine. Ten thousand out of this fifteen thousand The boy has to give the girl as compensation.

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At present, the court has seen this case under the legal definition of poxo such that if the girl is a minor i.e. she is under 18 years of age, then seeing her whistling, whining, flying kisses is sexual harassment and its punishment is jail. .

But is prison really its punishment?

Seeing the girl and doing all these actions and molesting is wrong, there is also haresment, but is it still a jail. I will not say how small or how big this mistake is, but still it is a question and a very legitimate question is whether the punishment for this mistake is jail?

Will a boy be jailed for a year and realize that what he did was wrong. When boys do such activities, they have a negative effect on girls’ heart, mind, psychology and upbringing. Will that boy feel this and decide that now he will not molest any girl.

Will this punishment fulfill all those objectives, which should be the purpose of punishment.

The basic philosophy of punishment or punishment is to realize and rectify the mistake. The basic concept of jail should not have been as it is. A prison where the culprit is put and punished. There should be jail reform houses. If someone makes a mistake, then the punishment for him should be helpful in making him realize his mistake, making him a better man, and not in the harshness of the punishment and the anger, resentment and hatred.

If this society will put a 20-year-old boy in jail for a year for whistling and beating his eyes, will this serve the purpose of punishment.

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Before asking this question and before answering it, one more question should be asked.

Why do boys do this? No one is born a criminal and a harraser, but then when and how does it happen that boys start teasing girls on the street and girls start to fear boys on the street. The society allows the boys to do anything arbitrary and judges the girls for the mistakes of the boys. Imposes restrictions on them. Their exit prevents them from roaming the streets.

In a society where there will not be a healthy relationship between a boy and a girl, between a woman and a man, there will not be a healthy upbringing, there can be only two types of relationship, either flirting, or coercion because the friendship of health and equality We never made a place.

It is true that boys molest girls, but how will this molestation stop. Will all the boys be caught and put in jail, this will end. Or the relationship between the two will be between love, friendship, harmony, belonging and equality. Either we give the boys open liberty to do everything or it is such a severe punishment that it is not as big as their crime. The punishment for a boy who teases a girl on the street is not counseling, but counseling and the dialogue that needs to be done by all the teenagers and the youth.

How would that dialogue be possible?

To understand this, I tell you a story.

In Maharashtra, an NGO used to work among adolescent youths of young villages, towns and cities. All the youth and teenagers who came there used to come from such a family and social background, where there was no communication between the boy and the girl. Even if they were studying together in school, they did not have friends. Boys used to sit separately in class and girls were seated separately. And then the same boys used to molest the girls on the way to school, in buses, in tampos, in rickshaws, in the market.

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This group taught the people of both genders to sit together, study, work with you. Started exchanges, mutual and collective dialogue between them. Now they worked together, helping each other in work, sharing hands.

Then in a group dialogue session, he would ask both boys and girls to share their problems, their stories and their dreams. Like when girls asked their problems, they said that boys tease them on the way. She cannot tell this thing at home because her school will stop if she does so.

Then he would ask the boys if you know that due to teasing of you people, that girl has to leave the house and stop going to school. He was surprised to see that the boys had no idea what the consequences of molestation might be. The boys used to think of this very light and harmless variety. No one had ever communicated with him in this way.

But now when this dialogue was happening in the classroom, those boys felt very guilty. He realized his mistake.

The truth is that the boys also used to do such activities under the influence of the bus group. He himself did not know what the result was. When a boy teases a girl, the girl’s school is closed, her studies are stopped, her career is over. His development stops. She becomes sneaky and tame.

Boys do not think so because no one shows them the truth in this manner. Nobody says that it is not just about you playing a whistle, it is about crushing the personality of another human being.

But when boys and girls in a class sit together and share their story, share their words, they begin to see the truth in its totality.

If the boys were not able to see till now, then it was not their fault. This was the fault of elders, of schools, of families, of institutions and of the whole society. Every person, who has the responsibility of forging his children on his shoulders. And that includes our courts.

After one year, that boy will not become a better man and a better man after getting out of jail. He will not be better than punishing. He will be better at communicating, teaching and showing that when he looks at a girl on the road and whistles and blows his eyes, he is crushing a small part of a girl’s confidence and happiness. And the girl is a friend of that boy. A good friend hurts his friend.

That boy would be better off asking the question “Is he a good friend?”

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