Five layer organic farming is being done in Jharkhand, farmers will get tremendous benefit

झारखंड में हो रही फाइव लेयर जैविक खेती, किसानों को होगा जबरदस्त फायदा

Multilayer farming taking place in Jharkhand (Photo: NewsNCR)

The farmers of Jharkhand are also adopting new technology of agriculture. Here too, new experiments are being done in agriculture, so that production can be increased, the demand can be met according to the market and the income of the farmers can be doubled. Apart from this, efforts are being made to promote organic farming in the state. Even in the non-traditional farming system, now conventional cow dung manure is being used. To make the farmers aware and to inform about the new method of farming, agricultural scientists are also engaged, who are developing the farming method according to the climate and soil of Jharkhand. Five layer farming is also a form of this.

multi layer farming

Siddharth Jaiswal, CEO of B.A.U. Society, BPD (Business Planning and Development), Birsa Agriculture University, said that multi-layer farming is completely natural farming. Organic manure is used in this. Indigenous seeds are used. Due to this the yield is also getting better. In fact, if Jharkhand cultivates tomato on the entire land, if some disease comes in that crop, then it spreads in the whole field. Due to this, the crop or vegetable of the entire field would get ruined. But the multi-layer farming method is different from this, it does not cause much loss to the farmers.

Advantages of multi layer farm

  • In this technique, land is used in a better way and more than one type of vegetables can be grown on one acre plot.
  • In this, production is more beneficial than normal farming, as well as different varieties of goods are available.
  • In this, if a farmer is doing mono-cropping by mixing chemical fertilizers and pesticides, then more profit is made in multi-layer farming because there is no need to buy fertilizers and seeds. Cultivation is done using indigenous seeds only. That’s why there is always more profit in it. Experts say that farmers’ income increases by 1.5 to 2 percent by cultivating with this technique.
  • There is no need to prepare the field again and again in multi layer farming. Once the multi-layer is applied, no tillage is required in the field for five years, whereas for conventional farming, the field has to be plowed after every three months. It costs money.
  • In this technique, 25 types of vegetables and fruits can be grown in one acre of field.
  • In this technique, indigenous seeds are used, organic manure is used, due to which the land does not become barren and can be cultivated for a long time.

Multi layer farming being done in Dublia

Siddharth Jaiswal, CEO of BPD (Business Planning and Development) BAU Society of Birsa Agricultural University, said that multi-layer farming is being done as a pilot in Dublia of Kanke block. The people of the city have cultivated together in the farm made in Dubalia. Farmers can come here and learn about this method. After that this method will be adopted on a large scale. In multi-layer farming, the bed is prepared in the east-west direction so that sunlight is available throughout the day. In this, in the first layer, vegetables grown inside the ground like potatoes, onions, radishes are grown. In the second layer, vegetables grown just above the ground such as cabbage, in the third layer bushy vegetables like tomatoes, in the fifth layer, vegetables are planted and then greens are planted on the space left in the ground.

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