Fish farming: Invest 25000, will earn in lakhs, know everything about it

बिहार के मछली पालकों को सरकार ने दी सौगात, तालाब और हैचरी के लिए 90 प्रतिशत सब्सिडी, गाड़ी और आइस बॉक्स के लिए भी मिलेगा पैसा

Fish farming (signal photo)

If you live in rural area and are thinking of starting a business then you can also do fish farming in agriculture. In recent times, there has been an increase in the demand for products other than traditional agricultural products, which are also important from the point of view of health. In such a situation, you can earn in lakhs by investing 25000 rupees in fish farming.

In many states, the government is promoting fish farming. To encourage fish producers, the Chhattisgarh government has given it the status of agriculture. In addition, the Maharashtra government is providing interest free loans to fish farmers. There are also government grants and insurance schemes for fishermen.

How to earn from fish farming?

If you are also into fish farming or want to start your own business, then its modern technology can give you a lot of profit. Nowadays, biofloc technology is becoming very popular for fisheries. Many people are earning millions by using this technique.

What is Biofloc technology?

Biofloc is the name of a bacterium. In this, fishes are put in large (about 10-15 thousand liters) tanks. There is a good system of putting water in these tanks and oxygen etc. Biofloc bacteria convert the fish residue into protein, which the fish eat back. This saves money on fish feed. Although this technology is expensive, but it is equally beneficial. According to the National Fisheries Development Corporation (NFDB), if you want to start your business with 7 tanks, then you will have to spend around Rs 7.5 lakh to install them. When the fish becomes big, you can earn money by selling it in the market. If this business is run on a large scale, then up to 2 lakh rupees can be earned per month.

The sale of pengba fish can generate a business of Rs 45 lakh

Some fishermen make their living by rearing special types of fish. Better money is being earned as compared to other fish farmers by raising different types of fish. Pengba fish can be a good source of income.

Pengba fish was demanded by kings and emperors in the past. For others, Pengba fishing was forbidden. Many people now catch fish of the Pengba species. They are making good profit from it.

Saibam Surchandra Pengba of Manipur rears fish. Surchandra produces 40-45 metric tonnes of fish. With this they are doing a business of 40-45 lakh rupees. Now they produce over 35,000 kg of fish. Fishermen across the state are benefiting from Surchandra’s work.

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