First rain now farmers troubled by theft! More than 100 quintals of onion disappeared in the night!

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100 quintal onions stolen

The problems of the farmers of Maharashtra are not seen decreasing. The onion crop got ruined due to heavy rains earlier. At the same time, now thieves have spoiled the hard work of the farmers in Dhule district. The case is of Dhule district of Maharashtra, where 100 quintals of onions deposited by farmer Subhash Ramrao Shinde were stolen in the middle of the night. Due to which the farmer has suffered a loss of Rs. This incident has instilled fear in the minds of all its farmers.

Farmer had deposited 150 quintals of onion for five months

Subhash Shinde, a resident of Dhule Kusumba area, had deposited 150 quintals of onions for the last five months. Seeing the good prices of onions in the market since last month, he sold fifteen quintals of onions last week.
Subhash farmer had 134 quintals of onion left. Out of which 100 quintals of onions have been stolen.

Stolen onions cost Rs 3.5 lakh

When Praful Shinde, another farmer from the same area, went to the field in the morning, he saw that the stored onions were scattered. After which he immediately informed Subhash Shinde about the theft of onions over the phone. The farmer was very disappointed to see the scattered onions. About one hundred quintals of onions had been stolen from the hut. According to today’s market price, onions have been stolen up to three and a half lakh rupees. The farmer immediately went to Dhule taluka police station. The complaint was lodged after which the police is investigating the matter.

what about the farmer

Subhash Shinde farmer told that due to spoilage of seeds of many farmers of the area, everyone’s onion has been spoiled. The situation has been good. A few days ago there was a fall in the prices. Due to which the onion was not being sold. But now in view of the good increase in the prices of onions, I am now taking out the onions I have stored for six months for sale. With great difficulty, everything was stored.

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