Fikr Aapki: The risk of corona increased on millions of children of the country, how ready are the hospitals for the third wave!

Fikr Aapki: देश के लाखों बच्चों पर कोरोना का खतरा बढ़ा, तीसरी लहर के लिए अस्पताल कितने तैयार!

According to government data, 11.62 percent children were infected in the second wave, while 11.31 percent were infected with the virus in the first wave. In Karnataka, the infection spread rapidly among children during the second wave.

Children have been infected 5 times more in the second wave than in the first wave of corona. In such a situation, there is a fear that if the third wave comes, then these figures may increase further. (File Photo)

Millions of children of the country are now being told more about the danger of corona, but the question is whether the third wave of corona will come and whether when the third wave of corona will come, the health of the children will be heavy. Also, will the virus have the most lethal effect on children in the third wave, because even the country’s scientists, doctors and the government have expressed their concern about it. At present, viral fever has wreaked havoc on children in half India, hundreds have died. In such a situation, the question is arising that if we cannot control the fever itself, then how will we fight the new wave of corona?

Around these questions, we have done a reality test of seven states. You must see this report so that you are ready for every situation, good or bad. First of all, the reality test of the hospitals of the country’s capital Delhi and the financial capital Mumbai. If the third wave of Corona comes, then the danger to the children will be big, but is the country’s preparedness also big to deal with this danger? To understand this, NewsNCR has done a complete reality test of half India.

Our reporters have taken stock of hospitals in 7 states across the country. The condition of hospitals in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Maharashtra is to be known. So let us take you on the reality test of seven states amidst the fear of third wave of Corona. First of all let us take you to Delhi and Mumbai, where the havoc of the two waves of Corona was the most broken. First of all, the capital of the country, Delhi. Our team reached Chacha Nehru Hospital, one of the largest government hospitals for children. The work of preparing the ICU ward is going on fast here.

Along with increasing the beds in Chacha Nehru Hospital, an oxygen plant was also installed.

In our investigation, it was found that along with increasing the beds for the children, an oxygen plant has been installed here. The number of ICI, NICU and ventilator has been increased. A new pipeline has been laid for 24 hours oxygen supply on all the beds. Earlier there was a provision of 220 beds in the hospital. In view of the third wave of Corona, the number of beds has been increased to more than 250. At the same time 30 ICU beds have been increased to 100. Apart from this, the number of 150 oxygen points has been increased to 230. The team of NewsNCR also spoke to Mamta Jaju, head of Chacha Nehru Children’s Hospital, regarding the preparations for the hospital.

Head Mamta Jaju said that children will not be kept alone in the ward here. In case of corona, parents will be allowed to stay with the children. Along with these preparations, the hospital administration is planning to issue a helpline number, so that sick children can be helped at any time. The preparation of Chacha Nehru Hospital for the third wave is satisfactory to a great extent. After this, due to the great concern of the children, we moved to the capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai and our team talked to the Mayor of Mumbai, Kishori Pednekar. The Mayor claimed that 25 thousand beds have been kept ready for the children in Mumbai and if needed, 25 thousand more beds can be increased. We reached Bandra Kurla Complex to investigate this claim of the Mayor. The Jumbo COVID Center has been built here.

Two metros of the country gear up to save children

The capacity of this Jumbo COVID Center is around 2300. At present, only 25 corona patients are getting treatment here. In these, one or two children are also coming from time to time, but in view of the third wave, the preparations ahead are even bigger. Along with making Bandra Kurla Complex COVID Center, such centers have also been set up at Malad, Worli and Kanjurmarg in Mumbai where special ICUs are ready for children. There is also a second room attached to the ICU, in which the parents of infected children will be able to stay wearing PPE kits. That is, the two metros of the country have geared up to save the children, but such claims were being made even before the second wave and now the claims of preparation before the third wave are yet to be tested on the test of the epidemic.

That is, the conditions are better in the two metro cities, but today we are worrying about the children in the third wave. In such a situation, it is important to know how many children were infected in the first and second wave of corona virus. According to government data, 11.62 percent children were infected in the second wave, while 11.31 percent were infected with the virus in the first wave. In Karnataka, the infection spread rapidly among children during the second wave. Between May 1 and May 16, that is, in just 15 days, 19 thousand children were infected. The figures of the hospitals of the country are proof that Corona caught the children in the second wave as well. In such a situation, when there is an apprehension that the third wave will affect children more, then how prepared are the two largest states of the country, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, to fight this epidemic.

Dengue and Malaria ward has also been made in Balrampur Hospital, Lucknow.

Is Uttar Pradesh ready to deal with the third wave of Corona? To know this, our investigation started from Balrampur Hospital, one of the biggest hospitals in Lucknow, which was in the news for deaths during the second wave of Corona. A separate dengue and malaria ward has also been made here, where there are patients suffering from dengue, malaria and viral fever, but the maximum number of children are in it. Our investigation was telling that the hospital in Balrampur has managed to a great extent and after that our team reached Lokbandhu Hospital in Lucknow itself. In the capital of the state, everything was dazzling, but in the investigation, we also saw some such pictures which increase the concern.

The Maharajganj district hospital is full of patients suffering from dengue and viral fever. Here the queue of patients can be seen in the OPD. Due to lack of beds, most of the patients are lying on the ground and getting their treatment. In the children’s ward, three patients are being treated on the same bed. Now see the condition of the primary health center of Shikohabad block of Firozabad. There are allegations that doctors do not come here and satchel doctors are treating patients by lying under the tree.

Now look at the preparations of Bihar, preparations have been kept on standby in NMCH, the largest covid hospital of Bihar. Here during the second wave, the maximum outcry was due to oxygen, so now like most of the big hospitals of the state, NMCH has also set up its own oxygen plant. So far we have shown you the condition of hospitals in Delhi, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, but during the second wave, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana were also among the states most affected by the virus. In such a situation, our investigation also reached Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana. What is the preparation of the hospitals here amidst the shadow of the third wave of Karona, see this report.

Children infected 5 times more in the second wave than in the first wave of Corona

Children have been infected 5 times more in the second wave than in the first wave of corona. In such a situation, there is a fear that if the third wave comes, then these figures may increase further, so the Madhya Pradesh government has also intensified the exercise to save the children, but even before the third wave comes here, dengue has wreaked havoc. In such a situation, our team first took stock of JP Hospital in Bhopal, where dengue and malaria patients were full. The situation like Bhopal’s hospitals is also in Jabalpur. It can be guessed only by looking at the pictures that viral fever and dengue have wreaked havoc here along with seasonal diseases. Here thousands of patients are suffering from viral fever, while the number of dengue patients is also above 800. In Victoria Hospital, Jabalpur, 2 to 3 children are being treated on one bed each. 60 children have been admitted in the child ward with the arrangement of 24 beds, yet the space is falling short.

More or less the same situation is in Gwalior, Indore, Chhatpur and Jabalpur. The disease has spread rapidly with the changing seasons, but children have been the most affected. After Madhya Pradesh, the team of TV Bharatvarsh reached Ambala Cantt and Mohali, 2 districts of Punjab and Haryana. First of all, let us show you the condition of Civil Hospital in Ambala Cantt, Haryana. The Health Minister of Haryana also claims that in view of the possibility of a third wave, preparations have been made at the ground level. By the way, if we talk about Punjab, then the Punjab government is also apprehensive that the third wave of Karona can cause havoc. For this reason, all the preparations have been made in the hospitals and hundreds of beds have been kept ready. In Mohali Civil Hospital, separate ICU isolation wards have been prepared for children.

Although all these government arrangements remain in place when Corona wreaks havoc, the preparations of Punjab and Haryana will also be tested only when trouble comes. In the midst of the fear of the third wave of corona, we have shown you the investigation of 7 states, but in the meantime there is also a truth that at present the cases of corona are decreasing in the country. Earlier corona cases were running above forty thousand, now their graph has started coming below 30 thousand. In this too, the number of patients coming from Kerala is high. Corona cases in Kerala are more than 20 thousand every day. In such a situation, experts are also saying that the third wave may not come. By the way, there is also a good news about children that the Zydus Cadila vaccine can be launched next month for children aged 2 to 18 years. Meaning Zydus Cadila’s corona vaccine will be available for children from next month.

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