Fertilizer Crisis: Haryana Minister said that farmers should be given fertilizer according to agricultural land

Fertilizer Crisis: हरियाणा के मंत्री ने कहा-कृषि भूमि के हिसाब से किसानों को दी जाए खाद

Farmers are upset due to urea and DAP crisis.

Haryana Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister JP Dalal said that the priority of the government is that the farmers of the state should have fertilizer availability on time. He claimed that there is sufficient quantity of manure in the state and there is no shortage of any kind. Dalal said this during a meeting with the officials of Agriculture Department and representatives of fertilizer companies in Chandigarh. He said that according to the cultivable land in the districts of the state, fertilizers should be distributed to the farmers for sowing the upcoming crops, so that the farmers do not face any kind of problem.

Instructing the officials, the Agriculture Minister said that proper distribution should be done by providing fertilizers according to the demand in the mustard sowing areas. So that sowing of mustard can be done on time. He said that keeping in view the sowing of the upcoming wheat crop, data of fertilizers should be prepared at the district level that how much fertilizer is needed in which district and its distribution should be done accordingly.

Use of SSP instead of DAP

In the meeting, the officials apprised the minister that the central government has promised that the supply of more DAP fertilizers will be increased for the sowing of mustard and wheat crops. He also said that farmers should be made aware to use SSP (Single super phosphate) manure at the time of sowing of mustard as it is beneficial for mustard cultivation.

Companies claim enough fertilizer

On this occasion, representatives of fertilizer companies told the minister that sufficient quantity of urea, DAP, NPK, SSP manure is available for sowing of upcoming Rabi crops. SSP manure is best for mustard as it contains sulfur element besides phosphorus. Use NPK manure in wheat sowing, it contains the amount of three main elements and the yield is also good.

Dealer’s complaint

The Agriculture Minister told the representatives of the fertilizer companies that some medicines along with fertilizers are asked by the dealers to buy the farmers which is not good. Instructions should be given to the dealers that medicines should not be given along with manure, so that the expenses of the farmers are also reduced and they also get manure. Many people including Additional Chief Secretary of Agriculture Department Dr. Sumita Mishra and Director General Dr. Hardeep Singh were present in the meeting.

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