Feng Shui Tips: Not only decoration, wind chimes are also useful for awakening sleep, know how?

Feng Shui Tips : सजावट ही नहीं सोया भाग्य जगाने के भी काम आती है ​विंड चाइम्स, जानें कैसे?

According to Feng Shui, by placing wind chimes inside the house, the negative negative energy generated around the house is quenched and positive energy flows. Read this article to know the different types of wind chimes or wind bells and their benefits.

Rules for installing wind chimes at home

Like Vastu Shastra, there are many such things in Feng Shui which are used for happiness, prosperity and good luck in life. The wind chime installed in the house carries some such positive energy. Wind chimes are specially used to convert the negative energy flowing around us to positive energy. Applying it in the house increases the happiness of the house and removes negativity. Let us know how the wind chimes that enhance the beauty of the house are related to your luck and what kind of results are obtained by applying which type of wind chimes.

04 rod wind chimes

These wind chimes are used to remove door perforation. If there is any Vastu defect around your main door, you can hang a wind bell with four sticks on the main door to remove it.

05 rod wind chimes

Wind chimes with five rods can be used to remove Vastu defects associated with the study room. If there is a beam on the ceiling in your study room, then by hanging wind chimes with five rods near the beam, you can remove the Vastu defect of that place.

06 rod wind chimes

It is very auspicious to use this wind chimes in the drawing room. These wind chimes should be hung at the place from where the visitors enter the house.

07 rod wind chimes

Wind chimes with seven rods are mainly used for children’s rooms. If you feel that your children are becoming careless and always doing their own thing, then hang wind chimes with seven sticks at the door of their room. If the children’s room is built in the wrong direction, then by this remedy that Vastu defect will also be removed.

08 rod wind chimes

You can use wind chimes with eight sticks in your office etc. Put it in the place where you sit in your workspace. By applying it, the obstacles coming in your work will be removed and you will feel like in your work.

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(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general public interest.)


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